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My fascination with industrial engineering began during my sophomore year when I went to my first industrial visit to BMW automobiles. I encountered two different domains, one kind working on the process and the other working on the optimization and efficiency of the process. I found the latter more challenging. Watching them overcome daily challenges using their limited resources sparked my interest in this field and I found my calling.

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Ever since I could remember, my curiosity was directed at unraveling the functioning of devices, how they could create and do things in seamless precision, how a group of parts interacting with each other does something that is impossible for a person to do. This impelled me to take up Mechanical engineering at my undergraduate level and also developed a thirst to further my skills in graduate studies.

I have always been good at academics, having scored an 87% in high school level and a 73% in post-secondary level. I have a knack for physical and social sciences. With this academic standard, I was able to secure an admission at one of the most prestigious institution in India- Sathyabama University. I had excelled well at my undergraduate courses too, with an aggregate of 7.3 CGPA.

My final year project was on Heat Transfer. I had analyzed one of the most challenging problems of today’s technology: Effective heat removal from the objects. In this study we have carried out an in-depth analysis of how different parameters (size, shape, transferring medium and material type) effect the rate of heat transfer, where my focus was on the forced convective heat transfer. All along the way, I have been greatly influenced by my teachers, fellow colleagues and the works of other designers before me. My undergraduate studies equipped me with a vast knowledge of processes involved in any industry, particularly, essential concepts of manufacturing such as engineering design, production technology and operations management. I also made a conscious effort to take advantage of courses and projects, often beyond the prescribed curriculum. Most of these projects were done in groups of two to four students. This gave me an opportunity to learn to work in a group-both as a leader and a team player.

In Addition to academic curriculum, my curiosity drove me to other areas of engineering like QA/QC and commercial HVAC. In my first internship on ADVANCED IC ENGINE TECHNOLOGY, conducted by EXPERTS HUB and AISI, I got the opportunity to gain a better understanding, both theoretical and practical skill set especially on the modern vehicle technologies, I have a LEVEL II Certification on Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), completed training on HVAC Design and Drafting, MEP and is Proficient in Primavera P-6 and a few Design software like Solidworks and Pro E. I have also done paper presentations on “Developing a tractor engine with better durability and efficiency” as a part of my Internship and another on “EXPERIMENTAL ANALYSIS OF PIN-FIN HEAT SINKS MADE OF DIFFERENT MATERIALS” as a part of my final year project. I have also volunteered in social activities like National Young Social Entrepreneurship 2014 by BHUMI where along with a few other members I went on to assist clean up certain crowded areas of Chennai where I have interacted with people from different cultures and backgrounds during these visits, this experience brought a consensual respect and admiration for people from various cultures.

Upon completion of my undergraduate degree I started working as a Service/Body shop advisor at AL Futtaim Honda, Dubai. a few internships and work experience in various companies helped me increase my practical knowledge. Chasing after the dream of working and directly involving in production process, I got the opportunity to work as a Design Engineer in Skyline Exhaust Industry Um Al Quwain, part time for over 2 years where I had designed and assisted in the production of numerous exhaust manifolds and other vehicle accessories. Every day there was a new experience. Although my job there was always limited to designing, it didn’t stop me from trying to learn more about production process. I worked alongside many others in the components and machining department, this honed my team player skills through group interactions with members. As a student, I kept developing manufacturing trends through journals, industrial visits, conferences and interactions with renowned academic authorities and practicing professionals to constantly upgrade my skill set.

After going through your website and consulting my professors, I reached the conclusion that the with its reputed faculty, excellent facilities and tradition of academic excellence, will be the ideal place to work towards the fulfillment of my goal. I am confident that the education that I will receive at the university will stand me in good stead throughout my career.

I understand that a good understanding of the basic fundamentals and operations are essential for a career in industrial engineering. I am absolutely convinced that the path towards this goal will involve honing my current skills and abilities to make significant contributions to improve the understanding of systems and concepts in the field of industrial engineering. I could see myself as part of a leading group, contributing my bit to the field of industrial engineering in the next 5 years.


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