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of the problem

Main problem:

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-Are aloe vera homemade hand sanitizer
is more effective that the commercial hand sanitizer?

Is it really safe to used this
especially the childrens?

Is there any bad side effects?

– Is
Hand Sanitizer Good For You?

– Do
instant hand sanitizers really kill germs?

– hand sanitizer-how effective are they?


Cause and effect

-yes if there is a significant
difference in using the homemade hand sanitizer and commercial hand sanitizer.
Then the aloe vera hand sanitizer will differ in terms of effectiveness in our

– yes Is
it safe for children to use hand sanitizers because it can kill the germs but
we all know that kids come with the increased liability of touching unclean
things and putting their hands in their mouths. And helicopter moms have found
the new age solution to their woes – hand sanitizers. But, if you have ever
read the fine print behind the bottle you will see a warning telling you to
keep it away from kids. That is because your child could be seriously harmed if
he/she ingested it. There have been a number of reported incidences of alcohol
poisoning in children due to hand sanitizers.

.-yes because
hand sanitizer is a growing epidemic. Hand sanitizer is just so convent. These alcohol based hand sanitizers come
in gel and even foam form. You can find these industrial sizes hand sanitizer
despisers every,from the pollack dining hall to hospitals.

-Hand Sanitizer really kill germs. Once
you have rubbed your hands with the product and the product on your hands has
dried, it means that germs have been killed. You have to use a product that
contain at least 60% of alcohol or hand sanitizer for it to be effective and
ensure you safe hands.

– they
claim to kill all known germs, they claim to offer a viable alternative to
apply alcohol based hand sanitizer come in gel, they claim to effectively clean
your hands and stop spread of flu and other viruses and yet a new study is now
saying that hand sanitizers are only effective for 2 minutes.

of the Problem

This study is important to the
environment, because it helps people free from germs. And make their hands
clean and fresh. There are times when there is no access to soap and water or
not enough time to wash thoroughly. This study can help the student by
expanding ones knowledge it is also very important because the students wants
to protect the environment and to help too much multiplication of germs in
which can help avoid infection.


and delimitation

It talks about the effectiveness of aloe vera hand sanitizer. The
researchers are going to make a aloe vera hand sanitizer so that the people
will also prevent disease. This study is all about environment, community, the
student, and the people.

The study will use aloe vera hand sanitizer as hand sanitizer. Because
the researchers want to help the community, environment, the student, and the

will help by making an aloe vera hand sanitizer in it. This study can help the
environment to decrease infections.                                                                                                                                                  

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