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Stem Cell Research Embryonic stem cell research requires a five day old human embryo. Some believe that is against human rights, while others don’t agree considering it doesn’t even have a brain or a heart. These embryos are capable of growing into any kind of human tissue. Doctors believe they would be able to cure many severe illnesses such as spinal cord injury, stroke, parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and many more. Like stated before different people have different viewpoints on the subject. Different religions think very different things about it though. For some it may even be against their beliefs. Embryonic stem cells start off as a human embryo, which started off as a fertilized egg. They are then donated with the woman’s consent, they are not derived from a woman’s body. They are generated in a plastic laboratory culture dish. With nutrients it needs it multiplies enough to fill the whole culture dish. It is then split up into different dishes. This is repeated many times for several months. Once this is completed the cells have the potential to become pretty much any cell that makes up the human body, from blood to muscles. Donation laws for embryonic stem cell research is different in different countries.For example, in Sweden laws except embryo research up to the age of 14 days after fertilization. Embryo donation for the treatment of other infertile couples is not a legal option in Sweden (Hovatta, 2002).couples can donate their embryos as long as they are good quality embryos. To determine if the embryo is quality or not it is rated.The maximum score is a 3.5 and that is reduced by .5 four non-ideal numbers of blastomeres the presence of 10 percent fragmentation, non-spiracle blastomeres, unequal size of blastomeres, unevenness of the cell membrane, cytoplasm abnormalities, and more. During the first visit to the clinic for the couple donating their embryos they would be informed on ongoing research projects. The couple will also receive information on the stem cell project their embryos are being used for. If they agree they sign A consent form to donate their embryos.All pressure is avoided in couples are allowed to say no. Couples are informed and detail about the fate of their embryos.Religions that a post to embryonic stem cell research are the same religious groups that oppose abortion. They believe that embryos that are being destroyed in embryonic stem cell research are human at the point of conception. On the other hand some religions believe that human embryos are not the equivalent to A child. Even though many religions do not believe it is morally correct to use human embryos for stem cell research it would not be smart to make it illegal because there is no biblical authority that establishes stem cell research as immoral. Hinduism views embryonic stem cell research as homicide. they believe that destroying embryos interrupts the process of reincarnation because the traditional teachings say that the soul is reborn from its previous life at the moment of conception. Although that is what many Hindus believe the research would be hopeful and it is acceptable acceptable right up until the seventh month because the embryo would not be considered A person until this age.       The Protestants are split. Most are in favor of embryos being used for stem cell research but only if it is produced for reproductive purposes and they believe it should not be older than 14 days. Religions have many different reasons to be against it. Some say it is just straight up against human rights. They say that the embryo is the simplest version of life. They also say that it is immoral. They do not believe it it right to kill life. Just some of the religions that think this way are US Roman Catholic Bishops, the Lutheran Church- Missouri, the Presbyterian Church, the process of the religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, Catholic Bishops, Christians, Southern Baptists, and many more. If you look at things from the other side of things though you are killing one embryo, but possibly saving tons of lives.  Millions of people who have been dealing with horrible diseases, maybe even for their whole life, could finally be cured. People with spinal cord injury would be able to walk again. People with diabetes wouldn’t have to worry anymore. They would finally be able to live like everyone else. The religion of Islam says, “an embryo in the early stage of pregnancy does not have a soul.” Judaism supports both embryonic and adult stem cell research as long as it is for medical word therapeutic purposes. While most religions have taken a side buddhist teachings do not address the issues, they say prohibition against harming or destroying others. They also believe though in seeking knowledge and ending human suffering.Most of the religions have the same two opinions on the subject. they either believe that it is against human rights and immoral, or they think that we should increase our knowledge and help put people out of their misery. Some religions have still not stated their opinions on the subject of using human embryos for stem cell research In conclusion, the topic of using human embryos for stem cell research  is very controversial for many reasons. Some say it could change our world, while others believe it is absolutely not okay. Time will only tell what will become of it.

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