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Structural Engineering is one of disciplines of Civil
Engineering which is about structural analysis of bridges, buildings, towers,
tunnels, flyovers, oil and gas platforms in the sea, aero structures and other
structures. This discipline involves identifying of forces and stresses which
appear inside the structure due to loads which act on it and then designing the
structure which will successfully support and resist the loads. The job of the
structural engineer is to design structure which is going to be safe for users
and perform the function it was designed for.

Transportation engineering is based on transportation
of people and products safely, fast and efficiency. This discipline is about
designing, specifying, constructing infrastructure of transportation which
consists of canals, streets, rail systems, airports, highways, mass transit,
ports and etc.

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Surveying is the discipline about dimensions where the
surveyor uses special equipment like theodolites and levels for exact
measurement of vertical, horizontal and slope distance and angular deviation.
Moreover, at the present time GPS, EDM (electronic distance measurement) and
laser scanning are used more than usual instruments of last century.

Hydraulics, Water Resources and Irrigation
Engineering, as you can see from the name, is connected with water management
and water supplies. This discipline goes hand by hand with meteorology,
environmental science, elements of hydrology and etc. This field of engineering
works on the management and prediction of quantity and quality of water in
underground side and ground as well. Hydraulic engineering is about pipelines
and water supply network everywhere people live.

Geotechnical engineering is the discipline which is
about soil and rock which support civil engineering system. This field of civil
engineering includes knowledge about mechanics, materials, hydraulics and soil
science to design of retaining walls, foundations and etc. In additional, the
job of geotechnical engineer is to identify properties of soils and rock and
even behavior of soil.

Environmental engineering is the field of civil
engineering, which was known before as sanitary engineering, which works on
utilizations of waste and environmental remediation works. Furthermore,
environmental health engineering and public health engineering are other terms
which people use to call Environmental engineering.

Construction technology or (Construction engineering)
is about execution and planning, transportation of materials, development of
site which is based on environmental, geotechnical, structural and hydraulic
engineering. Today, construction engineer also drafts and reviews contacts, monitors
prices of supplies, evaluates logistical operators and etc.

Building materials is science which extremely close
connected with civil engineering. This discipline learns about fundamental
characteristics of materials, deals with mixtures like concrete, mix asphalt
concrete and strong metals like aluminum and steel.

Architecture and Town planning is the discipline,
which is sometimes called as the art, about designing building and structure
beginning from town planning and ending with urban design, their appearance,
shape and etc. and then civil engineer will create the draft real.

Remote sensing and GIS is the discipline of civil
engineering about measurements of the Earth by using special gadget, which is
called “Sensor”, on airplanes or satellites. The sensors collect data and
information in the form of pictures and gives specialized capabilities for
analyzing, manipulating and visualization of the images.


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