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Submitted to: Ma,am AfifahSubmitted by: Maria AmaanABSTRACT This research will explore the issue of identity in The New Tribe (2000) by Buchi Emecheta 1944-2017. Homi K. Bhabha is the theorist who give THE COMMITMENT TO THEORY I in August 1986. Emecheta focuses on questions of across racial adoption , the relation between Africa and its diaspora , race, identity and family. Source which is used in this research is secondary and methodology which is used in this research is Qualitative Research. The nature of this research is descriptive. This novel gives the concept of baby girl abandoned at birth, Arlington and Ginny are only too happy to adopt her . A Nigerian women living in England takes more than a passing interest in the Arlington . She decides that they would provide the right Christian home for her own baby, Chester . Shortly afterwards, Chester is delivered to social services with a letter explaining that the Arlington’s should be his new parents . The research will discuss about the issue of identity in Post colonial world and how they view and presented their ideas about constructing identity in former colonized countries and immigrants from these countries who suffered from facing the diasporas and the dilemma of the difficulty to construct their identity.Keywords: Post colonialism , Identity , Diaspora Research Objectives: 1. To explore the complexities of identity formation and their representations 2. To express thee identity and memory as mediated forms of representation 3. To understand the theme of culture identity, assimilation , racial adoption, identity cries and diaspora Research Question:1.How mannerism plays its role in showing identity and memory as mediated forms of representation ?2. What are the issues of identity in the new tribe through attitudes of characters ?3. What role does racial adoption play in identity crises by hybridization?

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