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Learner-centered teaching methods in
PE. Processing athletics teaching material in project method is an article written by Judit H. Ekler
of the University of West Hungary,
department of sports science,
Szombathely, hungry.

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According to the author,
projects have become a widely used tool in the educational system, it is being
used various form and across a varied group of students.  This study was conducted to understand how
the use of projects in physical education can be effectively utilized both in
and outside the physical education classroom setting. The topic areas, the
Peasant Olympics, and Approaching Athletics
was utilized as the main topics for the project in the physical education
classes but was also integrated as an overall school topic for all classes to
base the lessons upon. The teachers thought this was an effective way to
demonstrate a more student-centered approach as the students can relate what
they learned in one class to how it
applies in another and in a real-world setting. Using the topic peasant
Olympics students were exposed to field experiences (athletic training), such as those done
in older times, collecting of data, working together and organizational
skills. The Approaching Athletics topic
engaged the students in building and refining skills as well as differentiation,
it also gave students opportunities to engage and gain experience in activities
outside of the classroom and school. Allowing them to become more self-aware and able to take account of their own work. Teachers could gain
invaluable assistance in reinforcing topic taught in a more meaningful way for
students to understand.



As I read through this article the burning question of
how would I have dealt with this research and what would be the implications
for me as an aspiring physical education teacher kept constant in my mind. First,
I would like to say that as a physical education teacher I think project-based methods would be a good approach,
firstly because it encourages teacher to help students help themselves, not
only in an academic way but also to build social and professional skills, it creates
an environment for them to feel appreciated as it encourages self- expression,
it also challenges the student learner to seek answers in a creative and
thorough manner rather than what’s on the surface. Project-based method of learning in physical education gives
learners the option to explore hidden talents and skills they may not have
known about and allows students to socialize in a harmonious and diverse

In our country, Trinidad and Tobago most of the times
physical educations teachers are viewed as not important and often overlooked.
Therefore, integration of physical education topics across all general subject
curriculums is one way of showing the importance and absolute necessity of
physical education in everyday life, this can help to alleviate the stigma of physical
education classes as just merely playing

Therefore, in my opinion,
the project based method is an excellent method of
bringing value and importance of physical education to the forefront.



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