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The article reports on
the involvement of tire and auto parts industries over provision of support in
strengthening the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). It also includes
endowment from the perspectives of the North American Strategy for
Competitiveness (NASCO). A coalition comprised of members such as Bridgestone
Americas, who’s facilitation of free flow conditions among business through
NAFTA that leads to job creation. Which saw a 245% increase in tri-national
trade since 1993. Aaron Lowe, senior vice-president of Auto Care Association
(ACA), who is likewise in support of strengthening NAFTA. When commenting to
United States Trade Representative (USTR) he stated “NAFTA’s elimination
of tariffs, foreign investment protections and opening of the services markets
facilitated the integration of regional supply/value chains”. It also
includes the focus on renegotiating on NAFTA e-commerce and technology
solutions; The U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, for example, recommended among
other things, the creation of a Smart Border that would leverage technology to
provide essential security and improve efficiency in the smooth and timely
transport of goods. Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA)
proposed recommendations towards negotiations like, creating a level playing
field for all parties, and removing non-tariff barriers.

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 International economic organizations such as
NAFTA can be directly associated with International Trade Agreements; In which
we learned when two or more nations agree on the terms of trade between them.
They determine the tariffs and duties that countries impose on imports and
exports. Tariffs are a very prevalent trade restriction that accompanies most
trade agreements. In 2008 tariffs on virtually all originating goods traded
between Untied States, Canada and Mexico were eliminated. A benefiting
multinational corporation from these tariff eliminations is Bridgestone
Americas; Who have seen the benefits of these eliminated tariffs, and enable them
to a free flow of business through NAFTA.

Personal Experience

It has been my personal
Experience with actually seeing and confirming of NAFTA in operation. I grew up
in Detroit, MI which borders Canada, a major port from which you see daily
commerce coming through the border. It directly impacts the economic structure
of Detroit, and Windsor, CA. Many manufacturers rely on these open trade
agreements that help facilitate their flow of business from one country to
another without adding extra tariffs or red tape. This in turn grows business
and allows manufacturers to employ more people. It is my personal opinion that
NAFTA has increased in new opportunities for company’s and workers to grow. The
trade agreement is beneficial for all parties, and even though there may be
some drawbacks to the agreement. The benefits will out way the limitations that
are set forth in present standings.



Reference: Firms proposed to
strengthen NAFTA. (Moore, 2017)


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