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Summer and Winter are both amazing holidays vacations. Summer is when you are away from school for two and a half months which is the best thing. Summer is also a time where you can do lots of activities like water parks, or the beach which is really fun to go to. Winter is also a very fun time because it is Christmas time which is the best holiday of all time. Winter is when it snows outside, you get presents for christmas from Santa Claus, and you have a nice time with your family. In Winter there aren’t many activities you can do because of the cold weather. The only things you can do in the winter is skiing, snowboarding, or just playing outside in the snow building snowman’s which fun as well.

Summer is better than Winter because you can do more activities. You can go to the water park with your family and friends. Summer is the best time to go to the water park the nice cold water will feel really nice on your nice and the rides are awesome plus you can go to a indoor or outdoor one depending how hot it is. You can go to the beach which is so fun especially in the water with big waves and you can play in the sand by making sandcastles. The beach is the perfect place to relax and enjoy your life by just laying in the sun tanning or waking by the water.

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Last reason why Summer is better than Winter is because you have no school at all. No school is the best thing a kid could ask for in their life. Summer is better than winter because more activities, summer fashion, and no school. Summer has more ways for you to be active and happy. Winter is not that easy to be active in because the snow can cause you to stay inside. Summer is the best season where you can go anywhere in the world and make memories with your family. You don’t even have to worry about school because school is closed for almost 2 ½ months which is awesome. Winter you can only go skiing or snowboarding which is fun if you know how to otherwise you will be so bored. Summer is when you can go to the beach,water park, and etc. These are all the reasons why Summer is better than Winter.

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