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Sunil D. Jejurkar (2016) in this paper 1 Comparative analysis on K-Means, Lingo and Suffix Tree Clustering (STC) algorithm is performed to know how accurate these algorithms clusters the search results. The different types of result analysis are performed ,such as number of cluster formed with unique name, the time required to retrieve the data from source, the time required to execute the algorithm, the overlapping clusters, the coverage of small outlier, format of cluster label This paper proved that the Scalability of Suffix Tree Clustering (STC) is high as compared to K-Means algorithm. The Suffix Tree Clustering algorithms returns less clusters compared to Lingo algorithm and K-Means algorithm. Cluster label created by STC algorithm are small and accurate. STC execution time required for clustering the search results is less; thus works effectively in minimum time duration. Cluster formed by STC are overlapping in nature. Because of linear complexity, response time is very low.

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