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Sweden has a long history of human rights. It is considered as one of the most peaceful countries in the world because they not only are signed for almost all parts of human rights but they have also taken actions. To Swedish government respect to human rights is not just a foreign policy and by their actions they really work for global peace. Sweden is a country that has never experienced a terror attack before 2010. In 2010 two bombs exploded that killed only the attacker himself. Sweden has worked hard to make sure men and women are equally treated and there is no gender discrimination. Also, Sweden is a comfortable country for gays than any other country. Despite, the nice environment that Sweden has for exercising human rights still there are some problems. One of those problems has been reported a lot recently is the gender discrimination in Sweden.

Gender stereotypes is one of the biggest issue of gender discrimination in Sweden. According to a research by “Allbright” in 2016 more than eighty percent of managers in Swedish companies were men and there was not a single female boss in business sector. This is because of gender stereotypes that exist in Swede. A BBC news report titled Why Swedish workplaces aren’t as equal as you think states, “It’s possible to live a gender-equal life in Sweden, but we don’t do it because of traditions.” Although, Sweden works hard to leave no room for gender discrimination but still traditional thoughts create gender inequality. In Sweden more, women are taking parental leaves than men, then startup is difficult for them and avoids them to ultimate their skills. That is why men seem to be more successful in their professional life.

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  Another, gender discrimination issue that Swedish are concerned with is violence against women by their husbands and boyfriends. A report by New York Times Sweden faces facts on violence against women says that, “An estimated 16 women a year are killed by their husband or partner, and only a fraction of the cases involving assaults, rape, a breach of a restraining orders or ongoing abuse are prosecuted.” This estimation is according to the police reports while more women speak up. Also, in the official site of Sweden, in the article The Swedish approach to fairness it says that, “In 2015, about 29,000 cases of violence against women were reported in Sweden, 37 per cent of those within close relationships.” 29,000 cases of violence in a peaceful country like Sweden is a big issue.

In the other hand, Sweden’s government work hard to create a peaceful and equal environment for women. Sweden is a country with huge snow falls and more men use cars in on snowy days while women have to wait in bus stations, or use sidewalks so it makes their life harder. The officials in Sweden decided that there should be a strategy planed so that women and women should be equally treated. The article How Bill Morneau may use Sweden’s gender-balanced snow-clearing to adjust Canadian budgets reported by CBC news states that, “officials decided that sidewalks, bike paths, bus stops and the walkways to daycares would be plowed first, followed by the main roads. A handful of Swedish cities have followed suit.” This might seem something not very important, but it helps a lot for having a gender based equal society.

In addition, Sweden works for women rights globally. They had a big rule in creating the UN women organization. As it is mentioned in the UN Women website that, “… its overall 2016 contribution to approximately USD 42 million and making Sweden UN Women’s largest donor.” Also, in an interview taken by UN Women from Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate, and Deputy Prime Minister, Isabella Lövin says that, “Sweden has a feminist government and is the first country in the world to pursue a feminist foreign policy, so realizing gender equality and the full enjoyment of human rights by all women and girls is a top priority of the Swedish Government.” (Lövin) it is really interesting that Sweden has a woman minister and work hard for gender equality.

Lars G Petersson, is a Swedish born activist who is interested in peace, mental health, environment, social justice, human and animal rights. He has also, published seven books and several articles. For a number of years Petersson was coordinator of the Danish section of Amnesty International’s work against the death penalty, and now he is working as the secretary of WFPSC, a London branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Over all, Sweden is a country where most of the human rights are practiced and people are committed to them. Still there are some problems but the good thing is that government and people are trying to get ride of inequalities and violation of human rights in their country. 

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