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1 Introduction. 2
1.1     Mission Statement 2
1.2 Sociocultural dimension. 2
1.3 Economic dimension. 2
2 Planning. 3
2.1 SMART Goals. 3
–      Specific. 3
–      Measurable. 3
–      Attainable. 3
–      Relevant 3
–      Time-Limited. 3
2.2 Operational Goals. 3
Competitive Forces. 4
2.3 Product Development Strategy. 4
3 Organising. 5
3.1 Organisation Chart 5
4 Leading. 6
4.1 Communicating. 6
4.2 Motivating. 6
5 Controlling. 6
5.1 Pre-Control 7
5.2 Concurrent Control 7
5.3 Feedback Control 7
6 Ethics and Social Responsibility. 7
6.1 Equal Opportunity in Employment 7


1 Introduction

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This business proposal is
to start up a bakery shop. The name of the shop is YS Baking. The nature of
this business is Wedding Cakes, Cupcakes, Pastry and Dessert. We serve and
cater to every customer in Singapore. We provide dining service, take away
services and online purchase services daily. For every customer choice and
conveniently, we also provide delivery to home who purchase the product online.

This business will target
on all races and ages from young to older person as we provide healthy and good
quality of product. Preparation of product is under extremely hygienic
conditions and serves in a clean environment.

The location of the
proposed business is at a Compass One shopping mall, 1 Sengkang Square, 545078. The intended location is because MRT, LRT and
Bus Interchange is within the reach for customer to visit the shop. It is
convenience for those people staying nearby that area.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide
the customer fast and on-time delivery services, provide a healthier and quality
choice of product and satisfaction to the customers need. With this statement,
we are going to strive and achieve the objective of the organisation.

1.2 Sociocultural dimension

Setting up this business
would be a challenge for a start because customer would not know or heard about
us. By station a person near the entrance of the building to give out pamphlet,
bake a few cupcakes and walk around introducing and let passer-by to taste the
cupcakes and to advertise it through online social media like Facebook,
Instagram and to create a web page of the organisation. With this, people will
start to recommend their friend and family.

1.3 Economic dimension

Every year, price in
Singapore rises. Therefore, most of the product will also be affected due to
standard rising cost of living. Customer will find an alternatives shops that
are giving good and affordable price. One example is wedding cakes. Customer tend
to compare the price for each cake among other shops. As for YS Baking, we will
offer our customers with reasonable and affordable price compare to other
shops. Discounts will be added for regular customer. By doing this we are
attracting customer to regularly visit to our shop. Ultimately, we are
establishing good relationship with the customer.

2 Planning

SMART is Specific,
Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-limited. By implementing the SMART
framework, it will not cause a confusion and misunderstanding among each
other’s as individual. SMART is an established tool that can be used to plan
and achieve goals.  SMART is to create
clear, attainable and meaningful goals and develop the motivation, action plan
and support needed to achieve.

2.1 SMART Goals


To attract and to focus
on every customer, our organisation will need to get the Singapore HALAL Certification
from The Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) to attract the Muslim community
as well.


To identify the market
demand, the organisation will have to conduct a few surveys on the customers
and feedbacks to be open from the customer to analyse and deliver to the
customers need.


When the market demands
get higher, we will propose to recruit more employee to adapt. There will also
be overtime, and incentives given for those employees who perform and
contribute when the period of high demands.


Special promotion and discount
to be given to the customer who purchase their order during the first month of
opening and to include free delivery to door step for customer who purchase


As for a start of a
business, we are targeting at twelve months to achieved the target and goals. A
continuous monitoring of the sales output shall be done by the organisation
through monthly sales.

2.2 Operational Goals

This business would be
implementing operational goals as the frontline operations would know the job
better. They will go through and understand what are the problem and the
customer needs each day. For example, why are the delays and how they can
improve on riders sending their orders late due to heavy downfall or
overwhelming order. The lower management could discuss with their colleagues
and find a solution pertaining to this matter which could propose a problem
solving to the higher management.


Rivalry Among Existing Firms

There will be great
challenge in this business due to three other competitors on the proposed same
building and they are Delight Bakery, Famous Bakery and Smooth Bakery which is
doing almost the same business. Prices of the product affecting the customer
would be the challenge in the organisation. We will arrange and sort out to lower
the price in to generates sales. With more affordable pricing as to compare to
the other competitor around that area, it will attract more customer so that
the customers do not have any second thought. For example, we are selling
$3/per cupcakes. $10/box of 4 cupcakes of any choice. Compare in the market
they are selling $3.50 each with minimal and low choice of cupcakes. By putting
an unreasonable price on the product and minimal choice of the product,
customers will definitely find other alternative shops which is within their
budget and choice of their own favourites.

Bargaining power of customer

In this business,
customer will be the main factor. Customers might be considering on these
factors like budget within themselves. Customers will have the power on
comparing prices between outlet. Apparently, customer tend to have the product
in the lowest and affordable price as possible. Our business is to assure that
the customer will receive the lowest and affordable price with the best quality
and choice of product in the industry.  To
establish, maintaining and sustaining good rapport between the business and the

2.3 Product Development Strategy

Product development
strategy is to develop new product or modifying existing product to look new. In
the next three years, the organisation will be focusing deeply on improving
feature and improving quality. The process in product development is not simple
because it required a keen attention to competitors and customer needs now and
the future and the ability to progress.

feature – to distinguish the characteristic of the product
which will help to boost its appeal to potential buyers and consumers.

quality – the quality of the product has to meet the customer
needs and gives customer satisfaction by improving products and making them
free from any defects so customer can rely and favourable dependable.

3 Organising

organisation will choose the Functional Approach. The employees should be
grouped based on common skills and work activities. The advantages of these
structures are that by putting together the people with the similar
specialities and skills, the outcome or result of the work will be more
efficient. People with similar specialities can co-ordinate better within each
other. Career progress within the department also can be chartered.

3.1 Organisation Chart

4 Leading

To lead employees
effectively towards the goals, we will ensure that our leaders shall possess
the two most important cores of human skill, communicating and motivating.

4.1 Communicating

In any business
industries, communication regards one of the most important and vital factors. It
is important that both internal communication within the organisation as well
as communication skills of the employees are effectives. Lack of communication
can lead to the collapse of any organisation. Communication can also lead to
productivity and helps to avoid unnecessary delays.

– Effectives communication can establish and maintain a good relationship among
the organisation.

– Open discussion within the team tend to boost employee morale. As a result,
employees will feel that they are well informed, more secure within their role.

employees – To be able to inform staff adequately of their
responsibilities and expectation.

Regular weekly internal
meeting shall be imposing to exchange feedbacks within staff and to build
better understanding.

4.2 Motivating

Motivating employees is
part of the leader’s job to work towards the accomplishment of organisational
goals. Motivating employees can lead to increased productivity and allow the
organisation to achieve higher levels of output. An adequately motivated
employee, they tend to perform more productively, more engaged and feel more
invested in their work. By recognising their efforts, the organisation shall reward
them accordingly such as pay increases, promotion, praise them in meeting, new
equipment and favourable work assignment to continue work responsibly and
efficiently. Employees who perform their work efficiently may entitle to
year-end-bonus or even received profit sharing.

5 Controlling

Organisational control is
the systematic process through which managers regulate organisational
activities to make them consistent with expectations established in plans,
targets, and standards of performance.

Organisation control
provide important and meaningful benefits, particularly when it helps the firm
stay on track with respect to its strategy.

To achieve an effective control
for the organisation, a plan that needs to be implemented by the manager to set
performance standards, implement an information system that will provide
knowledge of actual performance, and take corrective action as needed.
Corrective action can include changes made to the performance standards and by
setting them higher or lower or identifying new or additional standards.

5.1 Pre-Control

To establish procedures,
policies and rules aimed at eliminating behaviour that cause undesirable work
result. We ensure the product that we use to prepare is clean and fresh. The
workplace must be clean and neat. Employees are required to wash their hand
with soap. Followed by wearing an apron, face mask and proper hand gloves
before performing the job.

5.2 Concurrent Control

Concurrent control
monitors ongoing employee’s activities to ensure that they are consistent with
established standard. To control and monitor employees the organisation will be
assigning a supervisor in charge to oversee the employee’s movement and to
ensure that proper procedure is complied at the workplaces at all time.

5.3 Feedback Control

Feedback control refers
to the type of control that evaluates people after work is done. Our
organisation shall practice this form of control to take corrective action and
to bring performance back to plan. Feedback shall be collated by the supervisor
in charge. With this control, the organisation can also establish a performance
grading for the employee. Employee shall be rewarded accordingly base on the

6 Ethics and Social Responsibility

Corporate social
responsibility is the commitment of an organisation to take responsibility on
the effects on environmental and social wellbeing.

6.1 Equal Opportunity in Employment

The organisation will
consider on establishing a human resource policy affirming equal employment
opportunities for all.

A workforce comprising
different backgrounds such as age, gender and race will help the organisation
better understand the needs of the different customers and market segments. It
also has an advantage especially during festive and holiday periods where
organisations can minimise scheduling conflicts. By employing people from
diverse ethnicities, we will have more flexibility in maintaining the right
staff levels during the different festive holidays.

By doing this, we are
gaining for embracing fair employment practices. In future, we will be able to find
it easier to attract and recruit employees. They will also enjoy a good
reputation, which will helps to create a positive impact on sales and customer
satisfaction levels.

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