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Talent development:
This embodies and falls under the theme training and development, while training is regarded as short-term improvement of capacity, productivity and performance, development is long-term.

Key questions:
In what ways can enterprises be sure that successors have ready key positions at all times?
What procedures are set aside to identify talented personnel inside a company?
How can employees explore and lavish their talents as part of their long term career path?

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It’s alway a challenge for enterprises to be pre succeeded by a successor for in any key position and for this reason, company require substantial methods (procedure) and in other to identify talents and potential to fill in vacant positions,and finally, what can enterprises do to develop those high potential (talented people) so that they are able to explore and lavish their potential for long term purposes of long-term benefits for themselves and for the Company.

Another theme which is widely related to talent development which I will mostly talk about in the subsequent paragraphs below is “Talent management”. In this part, I seek to find out how can we identify talented people and furthermore developing talented individuals into key and skillful positions.

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