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‘Team sports’ can
teach a person best lessons of life and can turn out to be the most wonderful
experience playing with the best of the spirit. But when it comes to a shy and
introvert kid surviving through the schooling with minimal social life who is forced
by his parents to play team sports and on top of that getting trained by a
coach who focuses on his ego more than the individual growth of the players.
This can potentially ruin a kid’s childhood and his mental state as an adult.


 In the article “Why I Don’t Want My Kids to Play
Team Sports” by Jeff Pearlman, he tells us about all the bad impressions and
experiences he has about team sports, and how they got built. He demonstrates
his opinion by telling a story from 1982, when his introvert brother tried
playing team sports to built confidence, but in the end it all went wrong and
he ended up having low self esteem and less confidence. Pearlman tells how he
doesn’t want his children to play team sports ever and wants to raise them
teaching about the stuff that really matters and brings happiness to them.
Pearlman’s article is compelling and supportive but not completely successful
because it is not that organized and reliable. It presents an idea that opposes
the thinking of a large group of people in the world about team sports.

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The article is adequately
organized as the title gives the correct idea to the readers that “why” author hate
team sports and by mentioning “My kids” in the title he gains attention of all
the parents and gives an idea of a lesson on upbringing a child. So the title
basically covers the whole article. On the other hand the coherence of the
article is not that good as the language Pearlman used is too casual (Para 3
& 5) and does not flow logically for all the readers that includes good
players and parents. Pearlman used an incidence that happened in past (1982) as
a hook, which is one of the good options to get readers attention but in this
case hook got lengthy which could make readers lose developed interest (Para
1,2 & 3 is a descriptive story). But at the end conclusion made good logic
and the line in conclusion “my children don’t need hostilities of organized youth
athletics to make them whole” made true justice to the author’s claim and
topic. So the article is somewhat organized but could have been better if the
reasons author gave were more scientific and point based and if the language
was not too free it could be more appealing.


Support of the
article by Pearlman (2013) is really good as the claim that author is trying to
make is supported by anecdotal. Pearlman connects his brother’s experience at
Mahopac academy and the impacts it brought to him, with his claim about hating
team sports. Another time clause that he used was also a true story of author
playing team sport himself and failing at it. So he tried to prove that team
sports bring a negative source of energy and he supports his argument well on
that. He also counterarguments his own claim (Para 5) and proves the argument
is still in his favour by talking about how parents force their kids to be best
at everything (Para 6). He also uses his opinion in the article to support his
claim about raising kids, which is logical and true (Para 8) telling about how
he wants his kids to become their “personal best”. So, this brings us to the
fact that the article is well supported.


Pearlman’s article
is somewhat reliable as the author is a well-known sports writer who has
written nearly seven books dedicated to team sports. Being a creditable source
of information about sports his information and writings are of an importance.
The author is being logical about how parents force their children to do stuff
they wanted to and it should not go this way (Para 6). Even thought the article
was published in 2013 but at the same time the evidences that the author gave
are not current. The Mahopac sports association story was of 1982 (Para 1).
Even author’s personal experience was “long ago” (Para9). The article is biased
towards the thought process that Pearlman has due to his brother’s experience
and the impact it had on the author’s mind. Not all the kids are like that and
he cannot objectify all the team sports as something that brings negative
effects and just discourage team spirit like that. So, the author cannot be
completely reliable.


So this article by
Jeff Pearlman can be considered well supported but not very well written in the
part of organization and is not too reliable. The author is telling all the
lacks that team sports have and how the competiveness can harm a child’s mental
state. I disagree with him on this part as it is a choice of the person whether
to like team sports or not but that demands a try, telling your kid never to
play team sports can only make them think less of themselves. Pearlman (2013)
also tells how parents should raise their kids in order to make them a good
person and have all the happiness they deserve by making them creative. I agree
with author on this part as it is very important to let the child do whatever
makes him happy as long as it is ethical and doesn’t harm anyone. So, educate
the child and then just liberate him to find the true meaning of “happiness”,
that will be the best parenting one could possibly give.


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