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sweeping changes in the Global Industrialization and Design Engineering have
made the role of Mechanical Engineers a really indispensable one. It has been
my deepest desire to be a part of this growing community. I have realized early
in my life that industriousness, logical thinking and hard work are the only
investments that never fail.

If I
were to mention one quality that sets me apart from others is my NEVER SAY DIE
spirit which has goaded me on and on. I am Lathish Aithappa Sapalya an
Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering from Atria Institute of Technology/VTU,
India and presently working as a Design Engineer in Quest Informatics,
Bangalore, India. With an enthusiasm to learn more about the various modern
cutting edge technologies, I would like to make a strong case with this letter
for the acceptance of my application into Masters in Mechanical Engineering
program at your prestigious university.

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father, a mechanical fitter in Fouress Engineering India Private Limited (Steel
Manufacturing Company) used to take me to his workplace to keep an eye on me as
a kid. It was here that I discovered my love for machines. As a kid, I used to
watch the huge machines work and was amazed at their power, the ease and
efficiency with which they worked. My father used to explain how the machines
worked. Though, as a kid I could not make much sense of it, it inspired me to
take up studies in science and technology.

completion of my high school education with 71% of aggregate, my passion for
machines drove me to take up mechanical engineering as my stream
of study. Four years
of Undergraduate studies, I was exposed to a vast array of
subjects like Thermodynamics, Fluid dynamics, Design of Machines, Finite
element analysis, Automotive technology, CAD, Product design and manufacturing
to name a few. I took up a keen interest in automotive engineering and
technology ever since I was exposed to it.

completed my final year project on Composite Materials. The main objective of
the project was to analyse and synthesize Aluminium particulate by stir casting
method, study of effects of Al2O3 and wear properties of Aluminium alloy. Apart
from that I have also presented a seminar on the topic – Adaptive Cruise
Control for an Intelligent Vehicle, as a part of my curriculum. With keen
interest in gaining more practical knowledge, I have obtained a certification
on Non Destructive Testing from Trinity Institute of NDT Technology. The NDT
training focused on 4 different types of testing – Ultrasonic, Radiography,
Magnetic and Penetration testing. During the vacation, I got myself trained in
CATIA, ANSYS and SOLIDWORKS through online tutorials and had a consistent
practice in order to get a good grip on the tools.

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