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The progression of technology and the effects it has had on our society has always fascinated me and developed curiosity within me. Nothing on our planet grows so fast as the new concepts and innovations in this particular industry, the industry that I want to be a part of. My interest in computing has developed throughout the years. This has motivated me into studying it on a more advanced level at Hull College. Studying NVQ IT Technician Diploma has developed my interest in computing as well as made me more aware of the technical aspects of software and hardware. The course was mainly to enhance my knowledge on computing, which is crucial for this electronic age. The course covered various aspects of the field, such as the use of the hardware and software components and more interestingly, the systems and diagnoses of technical faults. As a part of my college course, I have worked at ‘PC Planet’ which is a practical workshop where I got experience in customer service skills as well as working in a fast problem-solving environment. Teamwork was the key as we always worked in groups and if the work wasn’t finished it would be professionally explained and passed on to the next shift group. I was presented with an opportunity to help solve a variety of technical problems, regardless of their complexity alongside more experienced colleagues. Moreover, I have independently participated in voluntary work experience where I had a job role of IT technician. I was not only given the practical work of building computers from scratch but also I was able to witness a group of people collaborating together to deliver a product. Furthermore, to educate myself alongside my IT course I  read a few books including “The C# Programming Language” written by A. Hejlsberg. This, although daunting has developed a strong understanding of coding fundamentals which fascinate me and were never exposed to me before. Besides that, I became aware of many other concepts within computing such as Programming, Databases and HCI, where Programming is the main concept I am focusing on daily. I find exciting that 1’s and 0’s can be fused together to produce code that the machine would later translate into some actual instructions. Naturally, the decision to study Computing was not a hard one to make. Since the future prospect of this particular career feeds one of my greatest desires, which is continuous learning and self-improvement. I’m a firm believer that if a person stops actively working on himself, he is bound to fall into a pit of a daunting routine which in return will exhaust ones potential. IT is a vital element of everyday life with opportunities appearing across the industrial spectrum every day. It is important to be able to recognise such opportunities and develop them into ideas that one day might change the market. Besides my passion for computers, I am a football player at heart and I hope I will be able to continue doing so in the extra-curricular opportunities at the university as it develops me as a person. Most importantly football taught me how important teamwork is and strengthened my leadership. Speaking 3 languages to a fluent level has developed my discipline in learning as well as fulfilment in my intellectual stimulation. I am hardworking, responsible, ambitious, enthusiastic but most of all sociable and highly motivated to succeed in this rapidly growing industry. All the skills gained throughout my journey will have a positive impact on my chosen path, therefore, I am currently undertaking an IELTS course to boost my English grade. I am looking forward to the challenge of university life, both socially and mentally keeping in mind I will be exposed to many difficulties that the course will bring me. I believe I have what it takes to thrive and fulfil my ambitions disregard my lack of qualifications as the skills I have acquired throughout my years of study as well as highly motivated character push me forward to reach my goal in the future career.

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