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The article/blogpost, “Celebrate!
10 Fun Cinco de Mayo Activities for Kids” Tricia Wegman, listed on the FluentU
website, include good examples of activities that can be done with kids so that
they have fun and learn about Cinco de Mayo. The author, Tricia Wegman, started
the blog by sharing some opinions about celebrating Cinco the Mayo in the classroom. Celebrating this holiday is a fun way to integrate some
Mexican culture into your classroom and
gives you an opportunity to break the monotony and plan some great activities and instructions
for your students. Wegman then briefly shared historical facts and
importance of the celebration before sharing 10 activities including “Easy
Paper Bag Piñatas,” and “Mexican Lottery Card Game.” If I had to guess, these
topics interest Wegman because after majoring in Special Education and Early
Education, she moved from the states to Puerto Rico, where she learned Spanish.

Although It isn’t Mexico, the language in PR is very similar to its neighboring
countries including Mexico. I believe Wegman shared her point of view as a
teacher, and I would defiantly consider using some of the activities she shared
in my class one day. For the most part, the activities were developmentally appropriate,
but those who were not can be easily modified to make the activities fun and
educational at the same time

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