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The Special K and Dove advertisements display color, stereotypes, fallacies, and figures of speech, and while the colors in the Special K and Dove advertisements are attractive, the stereotypes, figures of speech, and fallacies all portray negativity. In the Special K ad, a women is shown cleaning the house. In the Dove advertisement, three women of different skin tones are shown, making one look better than the others. There were many sources that were used to find the true meaning of these advertisements including the advertisements themselves. In “Color Meaning,” the author explains different meanings of different colors and how and why they are used in certain pictures. “Figures of Speech and Thought” is a handout that lists many different figures of speech and the meaning of each and every one of them. Three sources helped break down the different stereotypes used against cultures and genders. “Stereotypes of Culture” discusses the different stereotypes of various cultures and races in America. “Lasting Gender Stereotypes in the Workplace” explains many different stereotypes men and women are doing. The last source that discusses stereotypes is “List of Gender Stereotypes”. This article discusses different stereotypes on how many women and men are looked at. “Fallacies” contains misunderstandings and errors of logic, misuses of emotion, and questionable ethics. Finally, the last source are the two advertisements, the Special K Cereal and the Dove body wash advertisements. These two ads promote their products through various colors and phrases. To promote an ad successfully, there are many elements needed to tempt the audience. Nike used advertising to promote their sports shoes, clothes, and accessories. For example, a Nike commercial comes during halftime of the NBA Finals. Being a sports fan, Blake was intrigued and turned the volume up. The commercial starts of showing a young boy named Gerald playing basketball at a park. It then skips forward years later and shows him attending a basketball camp by LeBron James, who happens to be Blake’s favorite player. As the commercial carries on, Gerald puts tremendous amount of work to be as great as he can be. He goes through high school and college, and takes the next step. After all the hard work, the time he put in, and failure he went through, Dante ends up playing in the NBA, alongside his favorite player, LeBron James. The commercial is followed by three simple but sweet words. Just do it. This phrase encouraged Blake that he can do whatever he desires. To sell a product or gain attention, the display, the message, and colors used in any advertising is essential. The colors used in both advertisements are attractive and attract the viewer’s attention. The color red is used strategically in the Special K advertisement. The advertisement is showing a connection between eating healthy and staying in shape, which includes determination. In this case, red is used to represent “determination” for getting in shape (“Color Meaning” 1). Because this advertisement is for a healthy cereal product, the advertisers want to create a connection between eating cereal and losing weight. They’re promoting a way for people to be able to eat good and stay healthy at the same time. Those who wish to stay in shape may be attracted to this product. Red is a very attracting and fascinating color. Red represents determination, which relates to the will to lose weight and stay in shape. It is important to promote determination to motivate the viewers, who wish to stay in shape, to buy the cereal. Another color used in the Special K ad is the color white. White is associated with “low-fat food” (“Color Meaning” 3). The color white is attractive and is used throughout the tiles in the ad. Because the product promotes a healthy cereal, white is the perfect color to use. White represents healthy food, which relates to the cereal product. The cereal promotes an easy way to stay fit, eating a healthy cereal. The use of color is used strategically used in the Dove Visible Care advertisement. The color white is the used throughout the ad, which represents “purity” (“Color Meaning” 1). If a product is pure, many will feel the need to own it. Purity is important in this advertisement to attract those who wish to buy body wash or any related product. The advertisement includes this color to show that their product is pure and clean. Another attractive color used in this advertisement is the color gold. Gold means “high quality” (“Color Meaning” 1). The advertisers insert this color to show the quality of their product. Quality is an essential part to advertise a product. They use gold as a way for their product to be seen as high quality. The golden curtain background in this advertisement is representing high status and royalty. The mix of color schemes in this advertisement shows the purity and high quality that Dove’s body wash contains. Although the colors used in these ads are attractive, the stereotypes are  negative.Unfortunately, stereotypes in both advertisements portray negativity. A gender stereotype used in the Special K Cereal ad is: women are the only ones who clean and do chores. This advertisement displays a female cleaning the kitchen. The stereotype in this ad can be viewed as sexist and unfair towards men and women. This stereotype is ridiculous because women are shown as the only gender that clean and takes care of the house, this is false and completely ridiculous. There are many households that are taken care of by the male of the house, not always the women. They are also implying that men can’t clean as well as women. This is false because men can clean the house just as much as women can. Another Stereotype used in the Special K advertisement is: women must stay in shape and be fit to be happy and love their body. This stereotype is ridiculous for many reasons. The ad states “Love your summer shape.” (Special K). The ad is suggesting that women should eat this cereal because it’s healthy and can make them love their body. It’s absurd because women can be happy with the body they have and shouldn’t feel obligated to change. The stereotype is also inaccurate because there are many beautiful women who are not fit. Beauty comes in all sorts of shapes, ages, skin tones, and backgrounds. The stereotype that the only way to stay beautiful by being in shape is not true. The advertisement uses this stereotype to grab the attention of those who are insecure about their body. After seeing this ad, many may feel the need to eat healthy. Stereotypes are also found in the Dove Visible Care advertisement. A stereotype found in this advertisement is: being lighter skin is better and cleaner than having darker skin. The advertisement shows a before and after comparison between three female models. The advertisement placed a darker skin women on the left, being on the before side, a female with light skin on the right, and another female in the middle that’s tanned skin. The ad is showing that their product can allow someone to go from dark skin, to tan skin, to light skin. This display that being lighter skin is completely unrealistic and racist. They suggest that those who are lighter skin, are also cleaner, which is entirely inappropriate and unethical. The ad is indirectly stating that having dark skin can be viewed as dirty. The ad is wrong because you don’t have to have white skin to be clean, you can have dark skin and be just as clean. The idea that only people with light skin are clean is preposterous. This is similar to the next stereotype found in this ad. The next stereotype is: being light skin is more attractive than having dark skin. They’re saying that having dark skin is less attractive, but being caucasian is being beautiful. There are many reasons to why this old stereotype is inaccurate. Those with darker skin can be very attractive, which supports the idea that beauty can come in any shape, size, age and skin tone. Being beautiful doesn’t only consist of being light skin. You can be just as or even more attractive by having any skin tone, being any age, and being any size comfortable for you.Sadly, both advertisements contain negative fallacies. A fallacy is a “logic error created by poor use of evidence…” (“Fallacies” 1). Post hoc prompter hoc is found in the Special K advertisement. Post hoc prompter hoc states that “because one event occured before another event, the first event must have cause the second event (“Fallacies” 1). This is a fallacy found in this ad. The advertisement is showing a woman cleaning the house. This is a fallacy because they’re saying that because some women clean the house, all women clean. This is negative because the idea that only women clean is completely false. In addition, this advertisement is saying because women were the main gender to clean and cook centuries ago, they are still the only ones to do the chores of the house. The fallacy is also showing that women and men are on different standards and only women are expected to be the one that keeps the house clean. Although some women do clean, not all women are responsible for cleaning the house. Another fallacy used in this ad is biased sample. Biased sample is when “statistics are badly gathered”. (“Fallacies” 1). This fallacy is used in the Special K ad when they state “Keep down your weight.”(Special K). They are indicating to their audience that those who eat their product, will lose weight. This is a biased sample because the advertisers are stating this without supporting it with hard facts. There are no facts that make the viewers believe this is true and don’t give them any reason to believe it. They also don’t explain how the cereal is healthy and what is inside that makes it healthy. There are fallacies also found in the Dove Visible Care advertisement. A fallacy found in this ad is double standard. Double standard “suggests that different people should be held to different criteria.” (“Fallacies” 8) This means that certain people should be held to higher standards than others based their qualities. Here, the advertisers are showing that those with lighter skin are held to a higher standard than those with dark skin. They are assuming that because one is light skin, they are also cleaner. They show the light skin women being the after product, implying being lighter is better. Hasty Generalization is also used in this ad. Hasty generalization asks people to “assume a conclusion before all the facts are in.” (“Fallacies” 8) This is when an advertisement makes a statement without facts, eventually leading to viewers assuming a conclusion. In the Dove advertisement, Dove states that those who use this product will have more beautiful skin. Those who view this ad may assume that anyone who uses this product will have better skin, which is not entirely true. Figures of speech are used negatively in both advertisements. Figures of speech is often used to grab the attention of their viewers and is used in a negative way in these advertisements. Antithesis is used in the Special K ad. Antithesis means to have “two contrasting ideas are intentionally juxtaposed”. (“Figures of Speech and Thought” Olds 2). The advertisement shows two statements and combines them together. This ad contains antithesis when they state “Keep up with the house” and “…keep down your weight”. The advertisers use these two statements back to back in a negative way. These two statements are attempting to state the idea that all women are made for is cleaning the house and staying in shape. This statement can be viewed as sexist and unfair towards women. Another figure of speech used in this advertisement is parallelism. Parallelism is used in this Special K ad when the phrase “…keep down with your weight.” and “Love your summer shape” are used. These two phrases are parallel to each other. Also, they have similar meanings and have the same message, get in shape and stay fit. They are ultimately urging the viewers to eat healthy and stay fit, promoting their cereal.  There are also figures of speech founded in the Dove advertisement. Hyperbole is one of them found in this ad. Hyperbole is when “deliberate exaggeration of a person, thing, (or) quality…” (“Figures of Speech and Thought” 5) In this case, the Dove product is being heavily exaggerated. The advertisement exaggerates the statement “…more beautiful skin from the most unexpected of places-your shower.” (Dove) This shows hyperbole because the expression is saying that people would not expect to see this product in the shower. On top of that, they say the shower is the most unexpected place someone would find a body wash product. This statement is heavily exaggerated because the shower should be the most expected place to see a body wash product. Body washes are mostly found in showers and bathrooms, where they belong. The Special K and Dove advertisements display color, stereotypes, fallacies, and figures of speech, and while the stereotypes, figures of speech, and fallacies all portray negativity, the colors on the Special K and Dove advertisements are attractive. “Color Meaning” helps viewers understand why color is advertisements are important. Fallacies are important as well and are explained in “Fallacies”. Those who don’t understand meaning of the advertisement can look to “Figures of Speech and Thought”. “Stereotypes of Culture,” “List of Gender Stereotypes,” and “Lasting Gender Stereotypes in the Workplace,” shows different stereotypes used against different genders and cultures. These two advertisements were unethical in their attempt to create a good ad. The stereotypes used in these ads were totally unfair. People can find these meanings of any advertisements after referring to these articles. Advertisers should take a more positive approach to advertising. In Nike’s “Just do it” advertisement, three words are used to motivate the audience and attract them to buy their products. Finding out the meaning of articles are important as they help one realize the what the advertisers are saying and know about the product they are purchasing.

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