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The second meeting was a short but efficient
meeting. In a study by Thanem (2018), he argued that rather than focusing on
the individual characteristics of each member of the group, we should instead
use our collective powers for thought and action. This was the plan of action
that was going to be followed. We collectively sorted out how we were going to
go ahead with the assignment and set deadlines to be followed to each week so
that we wont fall behind on time at any stage. At this point there was still no
individual delegation or any signs of leadership within the group and all decisions
were taken unanimously.

The third meeting was very crucial in determining
how the work would be delegated and assigned. Since we were in a task-based
assignment. I wanted to take charge and try to guide the group as I believed in
my leadership skills. “Task-oriented leadership behaviours facilitate the
performance of group tasks and help solve task-related problems” (Wellman, 2017). When I put forward the
idea of me delegating the work, my peers responded positively as they believed
my communication skills was ideal in helping them understand and work
efficiently. I felt that the communication gap would result in me not being
able to get my point across. Sean, who had slightly better English-speaking
skills than the rest of the group had volunteered to be the middle man between
me and the rest of the group thereby translating my ideas and strategies to the
rest of the group. We had a type of vertical hierarchy structure in place. I would
lead the discussions and followed by Sean explaining and delegating work to the
remaining. It was agreed that all the work would be delegated equally. “Larger groups should have a clearly established
purpose that is continually communicated, and formal plans and policies about
ongoing leadership, decision making, problem solving and communication.”

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As the weeks went on, it was becoming evident
that there was a couple of groups amongst the main group. I would do my share
of assigned work alone and the rest of the group will work on their share collectively
as opposed to what we had earlier agreed on. I had chosen to let this remain unresolved.
It hadn’t bothered me much as the group was still on track and we were getting
on surprisingly well with each other. The group dynamic was encouraging and the
group was still very much motivated to achieve our common goal.

As we reached week five, Sean had voluntarily
assigned himself the task of preparing the PowerPoint presentation to which no
one in the group was against. In his study Stonehouse (2015) had argued that
one of the benefits of delegation is that a person will be able to handle new
tasks by delegating portions of his work to other members. Sean had given part
of his share of the assignment to the remaining members excluding me in order
to prepare the presentation. This meant I would have to guide the remaining
members on how to do their part. As we sat together and prepared our script, my
team showed personality traits of agreeableness thus making it easy for me to
edit and reason their scripts with them in order to provide the most suitable
argument for each point on the presentation. Time management helped us to be
effective in our work as we got more work done in a shorter amount of time thus
increasing our overall efficiency. (What is time managemnt?, 2017).

Our goal setting and planning allowed us to be
ahead of the assignment at all times and it was actually a joyous moment for
the group. A week from the due date, we were ready. Only our coordination and presentation
skills had to be sharpened. We had practised a couple of times throughout the
week resulting in a coordinated presentation. Before the presentation, it was
determined that Sean and I would answer the questions while everyone would

The presentation had gone off great and I was
proud of my group to be very honest. The transformation of putting discussions
into a full-fledged presentation did make us proud of ourselves. All our hard work
had come to fruition giving us immense  feels
of happiness and satisfaction.

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