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The Peninsula background and its position.The Peninsula Group, known for owning and managing upscale hotels, commercial or residential properties,it is a hotel group based around the 1928 Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel. Its parent company, HSH, started operations in Shanghai in 1922  and the purpose of establishing the Peninsula Group in 1972 was to separate the two parts of management and marketing.Peninsula Hotel opened on December 11, 1928, with the title of “Far East Lady”, was one of Asia’s most advanced and luxurious hotels. At that time, only seven buildings, H-shaped.From 1922 the hotel started construction, to the completion of 1926, was once stationed by the British as a temporary military camp.World War II, Hong Kong fell, December 25, 1941 evening, Hong Kong Governor Yang Muqi by the Star Ferry to Peninsula Hotel signed the surrender. During the Japanese occupation, the Peninsula Hotel was requisitioned by the Japanese army as a command center.The Peninsula Hotel has several restaurants and bars, and Gaddi’s is considered one of the best French restaurants in Asia. Felix, on the 28th floor, offers Pacific Rim food and was opened in 1994 and is designed by renowned architects. The Lobby is well-known for its afternoon tea, and is famous for its many celebrities in the city. The Carillon House serves exquisite Cantonese cuisine and has collaborated with Cathay Pacific to launch the air-conditioned plane meal.Looking at the peninsula’s growth process, its success stems from many aspects. On the larger side, its operating characteristics include the following aspects: focus on location strategy, maintain and strengthen the brand, pure and simple expansion of the concept of successful market segmentation, unique hotel culture and keep up with the world technology trend.Aims and objectives of PeninsulaThe aim of this essay is to analyse the strategic position and competitive strategy of Peninsula and suggest a possible strategic option to be considered in the future by the organization.

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