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      The Scarlet Letter is about a woman named
Hester Prynne who lives in Massachusetts bay colony in the 1640s near the very begging
of the colonial, she had an adulterous Affair and had a baby and the colony
makes her wear a scarlet letter ‘A’ on her chest for adulteress and treat her
as an outcast. She keeps the baby’s father a secret but his identity comes out
at the end this novel. The first chapter is custom- House and it tells the
story of how the author was working as the administrator of a custom house in
Salem when he found an embroidered letter ‘A’, and some papers that tells
Hester Prynne’s story when he got fired from his job he found time to write ‘The
Scarlet Letter’. In the first scene of the novel, Hester coming out of the jail
with a baby in the arms and The Scarlet letter embroidered on her chest. The
Baby is three months old. Hester was in the jail for adultery and since no one
knows who the baby’s father was, assumption for that can be she was discovered
and sentenced to jail time when her pregnancy started to show. The first thing Hester
has to do was stand on a scaffold where they keep a pillory which is device for
locking people up in public. They didn’t lock her into the pillory, but she had
to stand on the platform for long time with everyone staring at her. Eventually
she saw someone at the edge of the crowd. This man was her husband. He has sent
her ahead of him to Massachusetts while he stayed behind in the Europe and when
he tried to join her he encountered various mishaps and wound up imprisoned by native
Americans. While she was having affair and being in jail, he wanders out of the
forest on exactly the day that she is up in the front of the pillory, he didn’t
tell anyone who he was and he puts his fingers to his lips so that way Hester
can’t reveal his identity. Governor asks to Hester about her sin and Dimmesdale
to reveal the father of this baby so they can confess and atone for his crimes
with her. But sooner in reading it is not hard to figure out that Dimmesdale
was a father. But at that time Hester has refuses to reveal this secret to the
Governor. Later she stayed into the jail and her husband was coming to see her
posing as a doctor, and all the time he was requesting for forgiveness. From that
point he starts to call himself as Roger Chilling worth. When Hester was living
with her baby she skilled at sewing through and she makes fancy lace garments
for officials to wear in ceremonies through whole time. When colony’s people
try to take pearl away from Hester, when she was 3 and half year old. Hester  went to Governor and he did ask to pearl some religious
question and at that time she was not able to bring answers to those questions
so governor thinks that Hester is bad mom but Hester appeals to dimmesdale to
speak for her and he says that God gave pearl to Hester to save her soul and he
points out that pearl looks like The scarlet Letter so Hester is clearly using
pearl to remember her sin and repent. Chilling worth was the first person who
find out the secret that Dimmesdale was the father of pearl and this secret was
killing him from the inside. One day chilling Worth go beyond and ask him that
he has must religious problem which killing him and Dimmesdale replied him by
saying that it is not his business , and Dimmesdale goes sleep when
Chillingworth opens his shirt and sees something on his chest that tells him
everything . Dimmesdale wanted to confess to his congregation and he tells
colony’s people that he is sinner but they like him more.  When he was alone he whips himself and starves
himself and he sees vision of his parents, pearl and Hester.  At last they held sermon which was Hugh hit,
it was biggest sermon ever in New England. At there, Dimmesdale comes out and
takes Hester and pearl leads them upon the pillory platform with him, chilling
worth tries to stop him but cannot stop him. Dimmsdale says he should have
stood with them seven years before  then
he opens his shirt and reveals a scarlet letter on his chest at that time no
one knows that how it got there it could be sign from God or he might scarred
him self . it’s mystery, Dimmesdale ask to pearl she shall kiss him now and she
does, Hester ask if they will be together in Heaven and he says no. They need
to repent for their sin he dies. Afterward chillingworth Dies and leaves a huge
inheritance to Pearl Hester. She leave the colony for a while and she marries
to someone rich in Europe but Hester Eventually comes back to live in her
cottage and wear her scarlet letter again. This type of writing which can
always  get attention and all those
descriptions of charter and plotting which makes this novel great. There are
some proofs which also prove that this was the best writing of that time.  


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