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The social model doesn’t regard that disability as a problem for society but instead find the proper and strategic place for it in the work organization. In the aim to do so, the social model first drew a distinct line to separate the terms “impairment” and “disability” where the first having the definition of one’s permanent limitation in terms of mental, motor and sensory functions and the latter being the constraint given by society be it social or infrastructure that immobilises the chances of people with disabilities to actively take part in interactions with society.


Figure 2 is able to demonstrate the workings of the social model of shifting the blame from people with disability towards the society instead. The circle that encircles the individual in Figure 2 is synonym to the society whereas the barriers represent;

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·      medical model of disability stigma,

·      insufficient of beneficial education for people with disabilities for their present and future use,

·      prejudice and stereotype in employment that people with disability are not efficient employees

·      inconvenient public transportation that was designed and built with needs of the majority in mind,

·      insensitive environment where favouritism towards whole people as they are given priority and chance to excel in life,

·      difficult-to-attain information (for the people with eyesight disability)

·      undermining values and talents of people with disability by society


Next, the social model then gives full attention on the means and changes necessary in society that will lift all the “disability” that society in the first place had exerted on people with disabilities or if referred to Figure 2, the barriers. The changes are in terms of;

·      providing extra social support for employees with special needs; for example carrying out a buddy system which takes form in a sign language interpreter for deaf and mute employees

·      making sure information is presented in variable formats such as Braille that is readable by all type of users, either be people with eyesight disability-friendly or not

·      infrastructure that does not restrict the movements of a wheelchair user such as elevators and ramps

·      providing flexible working hours for those that may have mental disabilities such as insomnia or circadian rhythm sleep disorders

·      changing the perspective and mind-set that people of disability is enable to stand equal with other members of society


Nowadays, social model of disability is widely used in disability studies where medical practitioners and psychiatrist have been referring to the experience and point of view of people with disabilities to improve their community welfare and treatment.


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