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“The evil in the world comes almost always from ignorance, and goodwill can cause as much damage as ill-will if it is not enlightened.” As Aristotle also argues that there is main difference between the end and activity. Some the activity is the end but some the end is beyond the activity. Her in the town Oran ignorance rooted in every where. People are trying to find happiness through momentary pleasure and wealth was one of them. The ignorance shut their heart and they don’t have any idea what is going on around them until the confront the reality. People are getting out of their pleasure life with the epidemic reality. It shock everyone in the town. Thus, the rats are dying on the streets but no one cares as if nothing is wrong. The whole population of Oran are living the life of pleasure comes to the cafe and enjoy.  But when people like Dr. Rieux attempts to be the first one to encounter with the plague and asks other people to join him and help the town. Indeed, Dr. Rieux is becoming aware of something, the reality, which no one is aware of it yet. “Then hurriedly he begged her to forgive him; he felt he should have looked after her better, he’d been most remiss.” He start to live a contemplative life and the town Oran become more important than his own life and was exile from his wife. On the other hand, Cottord who refuses to be a common man become a criminal which he exiles himself from society. Exile is a theme in the town whether you live a pleasure life, you will be exile or if you start to live a life of contemplative. Finally when the reality hits everyone in the town, the town become an exile and closes it’s gated as Aristotle says that contemplative people would do but they were still not into a contemplative life. It’s then where the pleasure life ends and people start to understand the situation around themselves. The reality changed people to start and have a political life. People started to consider others approval as their base of living. Religion got so important and people were seeking for approval. The father Paneloux became the God’s approval on the earth. He motivated people to come to the church more often. At first, people was not sure enough to join but as time passed people become thirsty of the approval. Father considered the plague as the punishment of their sins and the only way to be forgiven was to accept whatever the father said. This approval from the father granted the people of Oran a hope. But this hope was extremist because all people started to live in one end. People paid everything for the father. There was no moderation in their action and the took one side.

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