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The problem with this paper findings was the same as the theories it
depended on. It did not study each Arabic country’s culture separately, while
it assumed that all Arab countries have the culture. It did not consider
historical, values and geographical effects that have impacts on its related
culture. On the other hand, many other Arab countries
were not included in this study or any of the theories of cultural dimensions
available until now including Palestine.

The results showed that the Arabian culture is higher than the American
in Uncertainty avoidance, assertiveness orientation, in- group collectivism,
and institutional collectivism. These findings finally were the base of the
conclusion that any American person welling to live, work or study in the Arab
countries should deeply study the differences between two cultures in order to
understand the reason behind Arabian acts as not to misunderstand people and

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Avoidance: level of valuing customary official practices, norms, and formalities
in order to avoid uncertainty.

Humane Orientation:
level of valuing selflessness, kindness, fairness, friendliness and generosity.

Power Distance:
level of valuing power of those in higher levels in administrations, families
and governments.

Collectivism: level of valuing social roping, loyalty, and pride, in families and
work places.

Collectivism: level of valuing collective engagements

Orientation: level of valuing aggressiveness, firmness, and confrontation

Egalitarianism: level of valuing gender fairness

Future orientation:
level of valuing future planning and investment

orientation: the level to which society values quality in performance


The GLOBE Project
cultural dimensions theory: GLOBE theory outcomes were based upon examining
five Arabic countries in the Middle East as a group (Morocco, Egypt, Kuwait,
Turkey, and Qatar) in addition to other 61 international societies. Nine
cultural dimensions were debated through the theory:

He also discussed
the differences between the two cultures according to Hofstede’s cultural
dimensions theory: The comparison showed that Power distance and uncertainty
avoidance dimensions are higher in Arab culture in comparison with the American
culture while Individualism and masculinity dimensions are higher in the
American culture.

Edward T. Hall’s
theory of “Communication and Time Dimensions”: Arabs are low context
communication: much of the communication is indirect and coded. It is also
Polychronic time characterized in anxiety and stress features which are noticeable.
Many tasks are done at the same time and future plans are not fixed or achieved
on time or as planned. That is on the contrary of the American culture which is
High context and Monochronic time.

On the other
hand, (Rohm
Jr, 2010)
examined the
Arabian cultural dimensions in comparison to the American culture. In
his paper he assessed the Arabic culture according to some of the major
theories available in the Western context. He discussed and the characteristics of the Arab culture according
to the following theories:

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