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The interaction between the
Native American’s, white Europeans, and African, all resulted in who would control
resources. After African slaves were transported to the Americas, European
colonists and African slaves outnumbered the native Americans in Rio Grande.
But, the Native Americans still dominated the land. Even though they interact
with each other, The native Americans and the Europeans controlled its own
social, political, economic structures, and the way of interacting with their
own environment. Each group had its individual way of thinking about and
representing the event that took place. However, the Spain labor system and
policy, to control the Indians and their religious persecution led to conflict known
as Pope’s rebellion.

However, the relationship
between the Indians and the Europeans depends more than population size, and
physical interaction. It was shaped by the intentions of the newcomers, whether
they came to extract resources, to trade or to settle. The French established
business relationship with the Indians which involved the trade of fur. The
Indians uses this trade relation to exert influence on them. But, these
peaceful business interactions however led to violent which caused the beaver

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The movement of Africans to
the Americas because of cheap labor force. The scarcity and high cost of labor
led the Europeans turn to African as a solution. The European trades did not
themselves enslaved Africans. The relied on the other Africans to capture
slaves for them. The traders from Britain, France, Portugal, and the
Netherlands who began trading along the Atlantic coast of Africa therefore
encountered a well-established trading population regulated by understanding
and experienced local rulers. With the permission from the local rulers,
Europeans built fort and trading post on the West African coast and bought
slaves from African traders. Also, British came for land and did not want
permanent interaction with Indians, wanting only to buy or steal Native
American land. The British wants to
claim the ownership of the Indians land which led to King Philip’s war. Also,
there was conflict between the black slaves and the British in South Carolina called
Stono rebellion. However, despite all the things that happen, the interaction
of Indians, Africans, and Europeans created not one but many new worlds.



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