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The EscapeWritten by: Maik de KruifTwenty foot nine inches long, five foot wide, eight foot four inches high; eight hundred eighty-seven and a half square feet;  solid concrete blocks. Brian knew the numbers inside out, the result of a combination of boredom and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). He could count the dirty grey blocks with his eyes closed.As any blind man, Brian knew the unforgiving cell he was living in. From the big wooden door with an opening through which his meals were passed to the insulting shut window that gave this little beam of light but no view outside, Brian knew his world. And like the cramped wooden desk which held his Braille Bible, or the plastic one-piece toilet and sink that dripped water all night, Brian felt nothing more than a lifeless soul within himself.The cheap old mattress fractured with every movement. Brian lay in his steel bunk, eyes closed, hoping he would ever get out. He remembered the last time he spoke to someone: two years, five months, two weeks and three days ago. He could recall each sentence, every word. Mandy told him she’d move to Los Santos with Brian’s friend Tony.Later that day Tony and Brian were on their way to Mandy’s when some guy walked up to them. He asked the way to the hospital while two other guys picked them from the back by their throats and pulled them into a big black van. They were yelling and banging on the sides but the van wouldn’t stop.After two hours of driving through the hilly landscape, they finally stopped. They were taken into two separate rooms without any possible communication between them. The Kidnappers asked Brian where the money was but he didn’t what they were talking about and since then he’s been in this grey box of concrete.Brian just couldn’t stop thinking about what his friend could possibly have done wrong. He stood up to get his dinner when he heard a weird sound coming from the hallway. He heard a voice whispering his name, it was Tony. Brian ran to the door and waved at him but Tony didn’t see him and walked by. Brain gently knocked against the door and Tony was startled and turned around quickly. Then Tony finally saw him and walked up to him and tried to break the door open at which he succeeded.They both ran out of the old shed in which they were held. Two men follow Brian and Toby into the woods but then lost them. After that horrible time being locked up, they could finally run again.During their escape, Tony picked up a phone from a desk and took it with him but they didn’t get any signal in the dense, cold forest. While finding a way out they strumbled upon a treehouse and went up where they got one bar of signal. They quickly called 911 and got help.The End

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