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The argument about the
justice of creativity and originality with the enforcement of the copyright law
is totally in the favor of producing the creative content within the
limitations of the law. As the government provides the access to the content
generators, it is their right to produce the content which solely belongs to
them under the law of copyrights which will guarantee not only the protection
but also encourages them to build up something which is original, unique, and
creative. The copyright also provides an increasingly relevant and powerful
legal device for the total commercialization of humans and the things that
correlates to the culture and industry which prevents the risky determinants of
the global marketplace. The content-based technology is, hence, transformed
with the development and use of the tools which not only works on the piracy
control but also reproduces the content with different and innovative effects.

With the advancements in
technology and the growing need of the copyright laws, the importance to
safeguard the unique content is also increasing which has encouraged the
artists, authors, and content generators to work in a better way by adding up
the creative and innovative material which is never being compromised even if
the copyrights are applied. In fact, through the copyrighting, the content
generators are motivated to produce the content which is of high quality with
maximum creativity and uniqueness to bring the increased number of viewership.
The government has also enforced many of the opportunities to develop the
awareness of the copyright laws in protecting the working material in the young

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In such context, the
creativity is essentially important to be achieved that must be enforced and
promoted by the law of copyright. For this reason, some measures and
authorities must be considered which has proceeded to a large extent based on
the findings regarding the matter of the copyright and creativity. The
copyright law assures that the premium rights to the authors which also
encourages the content generation that incorporates the creative works which
helps in benefitting the society as well. These rights are subjected to the
balanced rights which offer a wide range of limitations and exceptions that
allow some of the uses of copyrighted works without the need of authorization.

Moreover, if the
copyright is concerned, it can be noticed that the creative efforts of the
authors and other content generators experiences the stifles who are eager to
make the best versions of the work which they themselves does not own. For this
reason, to maintain their creative side ahead, the licensing is important which
will not compromise the quality and the matter of their work. This will be
comparatively a difficult practice as buying a license will be much costly as
compared to the implementation of the copyright law.

Furthermore, not only the
incentives do matter but also the rights of safeguarding the content from being
copied without limiting the creativity is also a big issue. The copyright also
basis on the protection law which expresses that the work including the
graphics, audio/video or written content may be safeguarded if generated under
the law of copyright. Through this way, the law of copyrights is promoting the
creativity and encourages the authors and writers to produce the content which
is considered unique and authentic. However, the creativity is guaranteed but
it will not definitely protect the ideas from being shared to the other party.

A study stated that the
person who has the access to the copyright achieves up to 95 years of the
protection.  Through this way, the
copyright holder may get wide incentives to get their work promoted in the
public segment. With this case, any of the author would not want to spend the
whole life in writing or publishing his work with the profits that will last
for the limited period. However, if the person gets the same incentives for a
long period of time along with the guarantee of content protection, the content
generator must be more contented to produce the work which is beneficial in the
wider consent.

Aside from all of the
concerns and issues, the digital technology has also been threatened to upset
the copyright’s which is already an uneasy comptonization of the public access
along with the private ownership. Copyright is providing technical means to the
content creators’ boundaries to restrict the access of unauthorized users for
copying their original efforts in building up the content. In addition, through
this way authors have been known for not producing the content which highlights
the creative and originality side of their work.

According to Netanel
(1996), to boost the authors in producing the original content, they are
required to get their hands on the set of patented rights for their work.
Through this way, the authors are promoted with the public education and
creative exchange. This strategy allows the authors to utilize the existing
works in every conceivable manner that falls outside the province of the
copyright owner’s exclusive rights. The continuous issue of copyright law is to
ensure at what point the ultimate rights should be considered as final and must
also be initiate to unrestrained the public access. Within these laws, the
authors might have experienced inappropriate motivations to bring out and distribute
creative works. In other case, if the copyright is casted widely, the copyright
owners will also be able to put up the major controls and safeguarding measures
over the critical uses of the existing works (Netanel, 1996).

According to the campaign
2006), the owners and authors get the
access to the promotion of creativity by allowing them to receive complete
control and profit from their own work. However, the idea of copyright as a
moral right stress are believes by the author that it is only right to reimburse
the authors for their own work. Hence, there is an argument with the moral
right as well which advocates the presence of copyright that has coexisted
while in some of the cases, it has competed with an alternative justification
that puts the concern on the benefits that are being associated with the
copyrights, which is conveying the society. The moral right argument also
provides the knowledge that the laws of copyright are essential and are also
desirable because it allows a short-term economic incentive which also
encourage the authors to create the resourceful content. 

In reference with the
initiatives, the government choose to control and safeguard the material from
being copied, a campaign with the name of Respect Copyrights took place in the
early centuries in digital age to support the copyright as the moral right
(Chused, 2005). They mistreated the publishers and the content creators by
providing the access to the copyrights in order to support and protect the
material from being copied which involves in the generation of whole new work
with the little to no creativity and innovations. 

Through the practices of
copyright, the authorship and innovation are being interfered in terms of the
economic activities (Oliar, 2012). By implementing the strategies and laws
related to copyright, a regular analysis is also being conducted to investigate
the rules associated with the allocating property. Moreover, this also implies
to the copyright owners and innovators which will include investigations of pursuing
its own trade and minimizing the copyright innovation interference.

In regard to this issue,
the Digital Natives have also expressed their concern which indicates the
intricate reasoning to the justification that some artists experience the
difficulty in freely working on the content and therefore, they also bargained
to what they pay (Palfrey et al., 2009). In addition to this, the norms in the concerned
industry are working to reproduce the material of others. For example,
referencing the work of others and opening upon their interest are formed.

As content creators, they
induce their knowledge and skills to bring out the innovative and challenging
content. Moreover, their interest in the following field is failing as their
level of creativity and innovation strategies are being desecrated with the
application of the copyright laws. This have caused them to be limited and
concise with their work which is generating a low-quality material that is
totally considered as something that is not worth to be viewed, listened or
read. The energy in the material is also negotiated and therefore, there is no
fair promotion in the context of fine, creative content generation.

These copyright laws have
been a matter of frustration for many people such as; motivated workers which
seems to be unreasonable and unauthentic to some extent. The main reason for
the unacceptability is the least knowledge people known about the illegality of
their actions which drives them in choosing for the content. With the lack of
understanding regarding the copyright laws, current content creators exploit
the gap between the identified illegal actions with the social norms to respect
the creators and their interests.

The laws that are
associated with copyright are territorial (Rahmatian, 2011) and therefore, copyright policy in United
States is created to fit some of the conditions where the online distribution
as well as the related tasks are found to be global. Furthermore, the United
States have incorporated such measures and rules which can be achievable in
demonstrating such copyright frameworks that provides the well-built and
effective protection. Moreover, this also composed by some limitations that
also allows the correct usage of the copyrighted contents in the public
interest which is also supported by the appropriate application of the devices
in the digital network while it protects the cyber security, the privacy measures,
as well as the freedom of the expression. 

Some goals are set up to
fulfill the national copyright policy as well as the global Internet policies
that can be useful in working against the copied material. In United States,
the government has proposed the Internet policy in which the rules are made to
avoid the fragmented work that will ensure the frustrated innovations and
undermining the consumer trust. In collaboration with many other stakeholders
across the globe, some models are also designed to support the Internet
governance that will be helpful in facilitating the transparency, promotion,
and cooperation, which allows them to innovate further and to flourish while
developing the sense of trust and also securing the various important rights
and interests for many of the content creators.

It is clear that the
current generation is reluctant to follow the copyright laws which are causing
them to makeup the content which is closely bringing the innovations. The
system has highlighted numerous reasons to preserve and protect the creative
work which will have great benefits towards the economy. Many of the national
and international writers, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, digital
marketers, and media content creators, have shaped our culture while developing
the spaces of knowledge. Furthermore, it is also giving us the rights to mold
ourselves. These have great impacted in a way which extends the boundaries of
creating a content. The copyrighted content has merged a compelling narrative
towards the opportunity and the possibility in many of the areas which is
continuing to be of the great importance for the creativity of the industry.
Therefore, there is absolutely a need of bringing the innovations and creative
resources to provide the work with an effective method.

A study have stated that,
there are people in the technological and digital departments who are lacking
with the knowledge of copyrights with the extensive level of confusions in
regards of how to incorporate the law that may not delay ones innovative
strategies in building up and engaging with the content that might be helpful
in setting up their original and creative works. Moreover, it is also noticed
that the young generation who have been working in the following industry are
experiencing issues that are relating to promoting the creative work in the marketplace.
In addition, there have also been confusion to whether it will be of benefit to
put up contents that are not considered a matter of concern or violating the
legal system of copyright. Thus, the generation is learning to understand how
the law is working to promote their practices in an efficient way.

The recent studies have
suggested that in many countries, the courts have proposed the law which
guarantees the technological companies to produce the content which will have
their complete authorship with no third-party involvement and no rights to make
the copy of such material. It has also been proposed that this law will have to
be compulsory in order to maintain the inventions in the industry with no
access to illegal copy system who replicate the material without any legal

As the era develop, there
is the needs to see the advanced graphics and words in each of the material.
Furthermore, there is a need to overcome the issues that are related with the goal
of accomplishment the intellectual property of the audience. In addition, such
of these goals are known to be independent but also somewhat conflicting. Our
generation have been working precisely with the cultured ways to utilize their
skills effectively. Thus, the system has imposed the copyright laws have cater
the needs in the growing of technical aspects as well as to secure the creative
skills of the work produce in the current era.

In the digital era, the modern digital
networked technologies have made people work and produce the content which is
attractive and displays the creativity which is more towards the promotion of the
work of both the culture as well as the industry. There are developments in the
digital network, and through these, energetic youth work hard to make the most
of their time in creating contents which is just not acceptable. However, these
contents are also falling towards the outstanding side, facilitating the viewers
to get the idea of the work. The only challenge that the youth and content
creators are facing is the possibilities of honesty to their content and
reproducing it with the name of the unauthorized and illegal system which is
absolutely against the content creation system and the law that is developed to
control the practices (McIntyre, 2007).

There are several laws regarding copyright
that evolved in the field of media with the advancements and developments in
new technology. Furthermore, the marketplace devised mostly in the printing
press, advertising, motion pictures, audio/visual recordings as well as the
Internet.  I do believe that in the current era, media
has promoted its work with the enormous efforts and the fusion of creativity
which is regarded to follow the laws that are not transparent (Chused, 2005)
to the economy but useful to perform better and receive the proper
acknowledgements for own creativity.

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