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The Boxer Rebellion taking place in 1898–1900 was an uprising from the Chinese society against U.S foreigners and as a result, the U.S. interfered & their interference was backed up by reasons and resulted in many outcomes. The siege of the American Consulate in Beijing and the fact that U.S. was also part of the Eight-Nation Alliance were reasons in favor of U.S. involvement in the Boxer Rebellion. Violation of the Monroe Doctrine and subordination of George Washington’s ideas are reasons against U.S. involvement in the Boxer Rebellion. U.S. involvement was necessary because the Boxers acted as a threat and attacked US foreigners. U.S involvement would keep control of the Philippines, allow Americans to show their supremacy over china and appear powerful in front of other nations, and allow U.S to have good presence in the East.

On the other hand, US involvement was a problem because there were foreign Americans in China who were taking advantage of China for its resources and culture, Chinese were introduced to new cultures, traditions, products, and even religion that altered their original lives. Also, China lost its independence which was a problem for the Chinese. In my opinion, I wouldn’t blame the Chinese. What they did was their right, since we’re all human beings and we all fear that our identity is within someone else’s hands. At the same time, any nation (US) would fight back for if they were placed at the United States position to show dominance, superiority, and set an example to other nations.

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