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The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare begins the play with Caesar’s 

defeat of Pompey. Brutus, a very good and “trusted” friend of Julius is persuaded by Cassius to 

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help assassinate Julius Caesar because Cassius does not believe Caesar is fit to rule and also that 

Caesar his becoming a tyrant. The Ides of March was warned but not taken seriously. Brutus and 

Antony read their speeches at the funeral of Caesar, Brutus made his point clear to the citizens 

that he did not kill Caesar with malicious intent, but for the sake of the country. Mark Antony 

delivers a more effective speech than Brutus by utilizing the techniques, ethos, pathos, and logos.

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!” (3.2.70). This is the first thing said 

after Brutus ends his speech, Mark Antony is trying to get into the Roman crowd’s hearts with 

his status as a trustworthy man by using the appeal of ethos right in the beginning of his funeral 

speech. Antony clarifies his friendship with Julius in the beginning of the speech to show that he 

knew Caesar as a good friend. “I speak not to disprove what Brutus spoke.” (3.2.97). Antony 

begins to prove and states that what happened to Caesar was absurdly wrong and he hopes to get 

the crowd to question the motives of the conspirators.

Antony uses the appeals of pathos to win over the crown emotionally and mentally later 

Arevalo 2

on in the speech. Mark Antony cared for Caesar and the death had really changed him and his 

speech reflects on that friendship “He was my friend, faithful and just to me.” (3.2.82) Antony’s 

speech reveals that that Caesar was a man who could be trusted and deserving, Caesar didn’t 

need to die for he was unjust to kill, Antony pursues this abundantly , by using the word ‘just’. 

Antony mentions the stabs Casca and Cassius put into Caesar but does not pay much attention to 

it, Antony also mentions the stab Brutus put into Caesar and sums it up as “honorable” but 


The appeals of logos used to persuade someone can be facts , Mark Antony uses a lot of 

detail throughout the course of his speech. “When that the poor have cried, Caesar hath 

wept.”(3.2.88) Mark Antony is providing this speech to everyone not just to Caesar and the rich, 

the majority of the crowd is poor so when Antony uses the word “poor” the crowd believes it is 

defective to kill someone who loved wept over them. Antony uses the appeal of logic showing 

and proving that Caesar cared for his people. Mark Antony was going through a very hard time, 

his close friend Caesar was murdered and the killers did it for the people. Brutus and Antony tell 

the crowd very signifying speech’s that leave the crowd thinking but Antony wins the crowd by 

using ethos, pathos and logos. Mark Antony did a good job of persuading the crowd to hate on 

Brutus without them even knowing it.

Persuading the Romans to go against the conspirators was not an easy task, after Brutus 

gave his intelligent speech, Brutus had already won the crowd. The speech given by Antony was 

an effective speech, it changed the crowd emotionally with the three appeals. During the speech 

Antony cleverly keeps true to his word while working his way to get the crowd to turn on Brutus 
Roman 3

and the conspirators but Antony does this by not wronging Cassius and Brutus. Utilizing the 

appeals of pathos, logos, and ethos in the funeral speech really helped Mark Antony win over the

Roman crowds and also turn them against the conspirators

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