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The research on laser cutting has been going on to
improve the desired characteristics that are required in the final product .The
quality of cut mainly depend on the power, velocity, gas pressure, gas type,
pulse frequency , laser beam diameter, foal length etc and also the research
has helped us to consider that for obtaining good of cut surface quality  the control parameters are needed to b

In the research done by Imed
Miraoui et al 9
they have analyzed the effect of cutting speed, laser beam diameter and power on
the MZ, HAZ and micro hardness of the cut front of steel (S235) of tickness8 mm
.they have used Taguchi method to generate model equation and also used
analysis of variance (ANOVA) to determine significant model terms. The analysis
shows that the MZ is mainly dependent on the laser beam diameter and power
while cutting speed has least significant ,while in analysis of HAZ  depend 
on power and  cutting speed  and a v little effect of laser beam diameter.

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Similar observation were made when M. Boujelbene et al(2017)12  when experimented on the 6 mm
thick (C45)steel sheet and both gave the same conclusion that the microhardness
beneath the heat affected zone increases with the increase in power and
decreases with increase in laser beam dia and cutting velocity but both these
paper lack the effect  of  formation of bainite and martensite analysis .

The S.
Stelzera  et al 13 has carried out research
on AISI 304 stainless steel sheets  the
thickness was considered as a variable ranges from 1mm-10mm thickness and shown
that the surface roughness suddenly a transition takes place when sheet thickness
ranges between 8 to 10 mm and also shown in  fig 5 that the transition takes place 5-6mm in
case of fiber laser however the transition is caused due to change in microstructure
or due to effect of assist gas is not clearly mentioned 

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