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The behavior of a child often depends on the environment
in which it is raised, but sometimes the adoption of a rebellious behavior is
born unexpectedly, perhaps because of something that is happening and does not
know how to manifest it.

When the child does not know
how to handle what he feels, it is when a disturbing idea is born in them that
it results in them behaving very badly, doing inappropriate things, which can
harm the people around them.

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A child with wrong behavior is
not pleasant, perhaps he thinks that doing mischief will attract attention, but
the truth is that it is frustrating and causes others to voluntarily adopt this
type of negative behavior. The subconscious of children captures everything bad
and good, and always observing that a partner acts inappropriately, makes them
believe that this is the right thing to do, that is why we must handle the
situation in the best way, to avoid Children hurt each other.

When in the group of classes there is one or more
children with behavioral problems, the problem must be addressed from the root.

We must make children with
serious behavioral and behavioral problems understand that they attend school
to learn and should behave, that they should not disturb their classmates,
interrupting them in their study tasks, as this will generate a deficiency in
their grades.

Children quickly absorb what
is explained to them, only that there are those who delay in understanding it
faster than others, that depends on how difficult it is to drain what they
feel, since bad behavior is influencing their repressed emotions, which are not
yet released and for that reason they have that inappropriate behavior.

Children should not be shouted
or hit, just by talking properly and taking measures that make it clear that
behaving badly will not lead to anything good, it is more than enough.

Inappropriate behaviors must
be admonished, so that children understand that they should not be misbehaved,
as this has consequences.

The strategies that will be used will be enough for
children to improve their behavior

When the children interrupt the class, they do not let
their classmates pay attention, we can place the chair of the child who behaves
badly on his back to his classmates, in half moon, in this way he will only
listen, without participating until he understands that the inappropriate
behavior is not correct.

The strategy must be repeated
as many times as necessary, until it has positive results.

Isolation in the classroom as behavior improvement strategy

When the child adopts
inappropriate behavior with classmates and in class, we can not allow it to
continue, because it will maintain the same harmful pattern, so we should look
for ways to end it.

Place him only in the same
class, carrying out his evaluations without his classmates being close to him,
understanding that when his behavior improves, that is when he will be with the
entire study group.

Strategies to improve behavior in children are
applied in different ways

It is not a punishment, it is
a way to mold the behavior in the child, so that he understands that having
inappropriate acts separates them from the school group, for this reason, one
option is to place the children looking at the wall without any contact with
any child , and then, you will feel that what you do is wrong.

To integrate, you must
maintain appropriate behavior.

The strategy that most marks a child and improves their

When we can no longer make the
child with any strategy performed behave well, we must be more drastic and act.

Send them with the educational
psychologist, it will be a good strategy, since they will have professional
help and will understand that by behaving badly, they will not be able to enjoy
their playing hours.

recreational hours are eliminated due to their bad behavior, they begin to
understand that when they behave badly they will not be able to enjoy with
their friends. Making them change their way of acting.

a child to improve his behavior is a job of dedication and patience. As
educators we must be tolerant and look for ways to help them.









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