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The education of evolution and creationism in public school system has been arguable. Have you wondered where the very first people come from? If you went back through your parents and grandparents and great-grandparents so on, who was the very first person and where did he/she come from? This questions might stuck on your head. A long time ago, Most people in the United States believed that the Bible had the answer to this question. According to bible, God created the world and the very first men. But around 1800s, a new theory started to come out. Charles Darwin published his conclusion of evolution in 1859. This altered the teaching of science in public school system. The way Darwin theory explained creation was extremely threaten for believers. Several court cases have been filed against the teaching of evolution but the cases have not been accepted.  Creationism and Evolution became more serious debatable question in history. In the early 1920s, the state of Tennessee made illegal to teach evolution in public schools. But some people did not agree so there was founded an organization called American Civil Liberties Union.  The ACLU found a substitute teacher, John Scopes who was willing to teach evolution to his student. He was put on trial because he broke the rule which was not allowed to teach evolution theory in public school in the Tennessee State. This trial was also known as “Monkey Trial”. As result, He was found guilty and fined $ 100 almost $ 13,39 in today’s money. According to Valerie Strauss who shared her experience of teaching evolution in middle school. She stated, “student doesn’t have to believe in evolution because evolution is a scientific occurrence in the physical world”. She also described how teaching determines the rest of student life. In the middle school, one of her students asked about evolution and the teacher did not just give him the answer but also a lesson. Before believing in evolution asked this question yourself ” Can scientist make mistake?”. A scientist who discovered evolution such Big bang theory, Darwin theory or even science teachers would show you an evidence or a proof but think it again. Can they be wrong? The way teacher teach and respond student can impact the atmosphere of the classroom for the entire year negatively. Teaching creationism in public school had been a serious problem. In 2006, the portrait of Jesus which was hung in the main hallway of a high school in Bridgeport, West Virginia, for more than thirty years was removed. The bible did not allow to study in public school and not a part of public school curriculum. In 2008, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal signed into law the Louisiana Science Education Act which allows teaching evolution in public schools. Creationism should be studied a course in public school as long as evolution is being taught. According to 2007 survey (Carlos S. Moreno)  found 60 percent of high school biology teacher de-emphasize or ignore evolution in their classrooms. Evolution taught in many public schools but not allowed to lecture on creation. Teaching creationism should be allowed to teach in public school as long as Evolution goes but teachers should let the students decided which is the right path for students.  But that’s not what the public schools are teaching. The long time ago, evolution was illegal to teach in public schools but now the system is on the opposite side. Evolution is taught in public school while creationism is not allowed to use in school.The Pew Reacher Center showed that  70.6 percent of Americans identified as Christians in 2014. US education system must have the right to learn about Creation in public schools but on the other hand, all of them are not Christian. Christians are having evolution pressed on them at schools when evolution is being taught. Americans have a much stronger belief in the Bible’s creation story than citizens of other industrialized nations, according to George Bishop, a University of Cincinnati political science professor and public opinion reachers. In Bill Nye can’t save science alone article, Bill Nye is the science guy who has been defending science. When Nye debated with one of the famous theologian Ken Ham who stands with creationism, there was disagreement about what science is and what it can do. According to the article, science define as an empirical method of employing evidence-based reproducible observations to draw conclusions about the physical world and make testable predictions. I strongly agree with this definition because science does not make any claims or predictions on what happens after we die, or what happened before the Big Bang. This is one of the reasons why famous religious people, including Pope John Paul ll, have no a problem with evolution. Over half of Americans believe in creationism. Creationism should be taught in public schools as long as the evolution is taught. Religious and science are completely different. Both subjects must have be lectured in public schools, not just evolution but student have the right to decide which path is right for him or her. Back to history, there was no error to teach creationism in public school. Science gives us the understanding of the physical world while religious give us the supernatural explanation of life and things beyond what science can’t do.   

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