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The Zimbabwe president resigned from the office after the army took him to custody. There were massive protest movements in Harare against the president Mugabe to end his dictatorship. Two days before the legislator for the parliament enacted a No-confidence motion according to the article 96 of the Zimbabwe constitution. Considering all of these issues president Mugabe pulled to the resignation. Robert Mugabe was born in 1924 he started his political career as a revolutionary politician. Mugabe was famous for African Nationalism and anti-colonialism. He was inspired by the former president of Ghana Kwme Nkrumah who his world renown for his ideas against Neo-Colonilism. Zimbabwe was formally known as Rhodesia. However there was the civil was happened in Zimbabwe in 1970s. there were African rebellions who fight against the British government. Mugabe and his African national union were backing the rebellions as they were supported by USSR. However in 21st of December these conflicts ended with the Lancaster House Agreement. It provided the opportunity to hold elections under the British inspection. And Mugabe became Prime Minister of Zimbabwe with majority vote and Zimbabwe was declared as a full independent state by the British government. Leater in 1987 Robert Mugabe became the president of Zimbabwe with constitutional amendments. But however he did mot amend his policy. Mugabe`s racist policy drived Zimbabwe aging to the serious of crisis. The ethnic issue raised on and it developed the political UN-stability in the society. The resists movements were backed by Mugabe and international community brought up sanctions against Zimbabwe. The dictatorship Continued violating rules and human rights. He influence was on sports as well as he banded white cricketers of Zimbabwe cricket team. However in the with peace full revolution the regime of Mugabe was ended. Actually we can find out this as an extension of Arab spring. In the recent past most of authoritarian dictatorships have been over thrown by revolutions. If we come into a conclusion we figerd out the in                        

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