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The information gathered with the end goal of the investigation includes the examination of yearly reports for 13 driving pieces of clothing enterprises recorded on the Dhaka Stock Trade three years: 2014, 2015 and 2016. These organizations were picked on the grounds that these organizations are more include with specialists. The articles of clothing parts which are modern more required with specialists and works and the examination focused on the mishandle of the human privileges of the laborers as specified in the issue explanation. The year 2016 was considered in this investigation since it was the most recent year when the examination is directed. On the other the 2017 was excluded in the investigation since yearly reports frequently distributed after June of the next year. The yearly reports of the organizations chose were inspected ensuing to downloading from the separate organizations’ authentic site. Be that as it may, one organization in articles of clothing part was prohibited from the investigation because of inaccessible data of worker costs among the time of the examination (2014-2016). Thus, all the example firms’ yearly reports were inspected in the present investigation are 12 firms rather than 13 firms. Similarly as with different examinations (Ali et al., 2008; Khan and Ali, 2010), the examination made a careful examination of the distinctive segments of the yearly reports, for example, vision, mission and objective explanation, administrator’s message, executives’ area, budgetary articulations, operational survey, and different parts encasing incidental data not secured by any segment. While organizations may practice other medium of correspondence for displaying HR detailing, for example, the web, daily papers, and other media, this examination focuses on distributed yearly reports of test organizations. The choice of yearly reports is steady with numerous different investigations (Abeysekera and Guthrie, 2004; Guthrie and Parker, 1990; Hatchet and Marton, 2008, Andrews et al., 1989; Kirkman and Expectation, 1992). Besides, a few earlier examinations have archived that clients of yearly reports request increasingly solid data identifying with key drivers of future organization esteem creation capacities (Maines et al., 2002; Beattie, 2000; Healy and Palepu, 2001; Abeysekera and Guthrie, 2004).

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