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The world used to a simple place. Where we eat normal food to meet our nutritional needs.Today, there are lots of other ways to supply our body with nutrients and vitamins. And one of the most popular ways people are trying to get “proper” vitamins is by drinking vitamin water. Now, Vitamin water nutrition label suggests that it is filled with electrolytes, vitamins, and other healthy materials so it means it must be good for our body-Right?However, most of the doctors and research disagreesIt is a common sense that if lots of people started drinking claiming that it is “healthy”. Other people would usually jump on the bandwagon and start to drink with them regardless of critically thinking- is this really healthy?Turns out, these so-called “Vitamin Water” are more of an elaborate scheme to sell water at high prices according to director of nutrition in the centre for science. Originally manufactured and owned by the big soft drink companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi and many others, they tend to add electrolytes in water just for the flavour. The general knowledge of the population about electrolytes is that it helps your body with athletic performances. However, in this case, the amount of electrolytes present in the vitamin water aren’t present in large enough quantities to actually make any difference in person’s health. Besides, researchers have proven that majority of the people already obtain enough amounts of vitamins and nutrition through their daily diet. Exceeding the daily average consumption of vitamins per day can actually harm your body and no researches have shown that it can increase the capacity. Over time, people eventually noticed that the vitamin waters barely have any effect on their health. In 2015, the court ruled that companies can no longer claim that their vitamin waters are able to support metabolic condition, lower the risk of chronic diseases for commercial purposes. Now, it only says it helps with enhancing “focus” and “energy”. However, the description of these drinks are so vague, consumers don’t even bother actually reading them simply because it tastes good. Another feature that makes the vitamin waters sp popular is that they have high pH levels. And pH levels happens to be important for the body. Companies have suggested that drinking vitamin water which has high pH level, would balance out the pH level in the body and help it reach an equilibrium which can be good for your health. But studies have shown that your body does a good job of maintaining pH level regardless of what you eat or drink. Therefore, there are no specific diet recommendation to help maintain pH balance. Some studies suggest that having a diet that includes eating foods that have high alkaline properties can help with preventing calcium from being released from the bones and removing irritating effect in your stomach when having too much acid in your digestive system. However, doctors beg to differ as there quotes there is “no evidence that the body’s pH level could actually change due to consuming too much of food or beverage”. Vitamin water often contains as much sugar as normal soft drinks such as coke, Pepsi and etc… Which is not at all healthy for the body. While there are no harmful effects when drinking vitamin water, people already get enough and far diverse variety of nutrition when eating normally. Vitamin waters can also be a good alternative to sodas as long as the sugar content is lower than the carbonated soft drink. However, if you continue to choose sugary vitamin water over tap water, you might want to turn back to the tap.

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