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The delegation of Greece needs to redefine European asylum laws. Less strict policies for legal entries, simplified visa requirements, resettlement, and relocation.Other European countries need to open their doors to refugees and relocate asylum seekers from overcrowded countries like Italy, Hungary, and Greece to other European countries so it could help reduce the burden placed on those three countries that have buckled under the weight of 400,00 asylum seekers coming in every day. More safe routes. With Europe’s land border sealed, for example, the Balkan Borders refugees are taking more dangerous routes and are forced to get help from dangerous smugglers, and into overcrowded boats on the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. The Aegean sea has become the most deadly route for people trying to reach Greece from Turkey. More than 440 people were reported dead in the Mediterranean Sea. Strict border controls are not helping the refugee crisis at all. The migration deals between the EU and other countries is resulting in unacceptable humanitarian consequences, including tensions between migrants and refugees and high levels of violence.Rather than having a hostile approach toward more oncoming refugees. We should address the needs of the refugees who are arriving at its borders, especially medical care and physiological treatments. Creation of a more ambitious search and rescue in the sea. The most common route refugees take to reach their destination is by sea and that is also the most common way that they die. This procedure should search boats in distress as close to departure points as possible. Give more education opportunities to refugees and migrants. Improving the unemployment rate in Greece will most likely help the country in solving some of its debt which in turn will make it easier to focus more on refugees and also help them instead of in our falling economy.The UN should advise other countries with anti-refugee legislation to take in more refugees so other countries like Greece won’t have overcrowded islands which put refugees life at risk.Wealthy countries need to aid UN in helping refugees. The UN has received less than half of the funding to support 4 million Syrian refugees. South Sudan refugee crisis has 18%  of the money for basic food and medicine. Government is spending billions on border control when they could have spent that money aiding refugees abroad.

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