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The quality of Human Resources in
country is influenced by the strong
quality of education. Education is exteremelly crucial for a great wealth. As a
developed country, Japan is a country that has the proper education system in
Asia. Based on 2017 Global Education Report, Japan is in the second place after
Finland. Characteristic of Japanese people known for their intellectual, disclipine, respectful,  hard working, are shaped
from their educational system. There are various unique facts about Japanese
education system, which can inspiring and makes it different from the rest of
the world.   

manners are remais significant before knowledge. In Japanese school, for the
first three years students learn manners, attitude of respect for other, and
moral. There is no exams, no
to judge the childs knowledge but to establish great manner and to develop
their essential right character. In Japanese culture, teaching ethics to the
young generation is more important than doing the exam, because the character
of child must to taught from early.

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most of college do not work Janitors. In Japanese school, student have to clean
the classroom, halls, caffetaria and toilets all by them selves. Students are responsible for the cleanliness of the
school. Teachers and school staff are also join together in cleaning. Thus,
will build teamwork and good relationships among fellow citizens.
When cleaning, students are devided into small group. They also learn how to generous,  to respect with other people, self control and
responsible member of the sociaty.

reason why Japanese education special, cause there is no social gab. In school,
everyone eats the same kind of meal, students and teacher eat together in the
class room. However, during lunch students 
have to enjoy, to interact with everyone in their class,  and can’t be exclusive from other classmates. Furthermore,
student have to wear a same school uniform.  and helps to promote a sense of togetherness
among the student.

cultural discipline and hard
work of the Japanese people that has been taught from their ancestors always
has been cultivated in everyday life and has an effect on the progress of this
country. Likely, discipline of time and attandance in school. Students have a
strong sense of belonging in school. Altought the students arrive late for
school, they don’t skip the classes. If late, they must have an agreement
letter between parents and school, for not came late again, because one of
requrement to take exams must have 99 % of attandance.

In conclution, the essential purpose of Japanese education
are: Personal development, responsible and respect to other people. Indeed, the
goal of Japanese education is more towards the development of individual
personalities, tolerant to respect individuals, foster relationship and instilling
a soul that is free and responsible. The success of developed countries is what
should be our example for our country where there must be good cooperation
between various systems in the country especially education system related to
human quality improvement. If the systems are running well then the progress of
a country will be achieved and the very important need for good moral coaching
in every individual of a country because the beginning of success begins with
the personal characteristics of a nation.


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