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The snow sports allow us to work the muscles abs and legs in depth. It also helps us to work on coordination, balance, and proprioception.The proprioception is the sense that informs our body position of the muscles and regulates the direction, range of motion.With winter sports, we burn fat and tone our body. Before the extreme cold to which we submit, our thermoregulation mechanism does not lower our temperature, which translates into an extra expense of calories.Do not forget that also in this type of sports, the adrenaline is released at large doses, and we do not feel more relaxed and calm. Besides, they are sports of overcoming and constancy, in which we put ourselves to the test, and thus we increase our self-esteem.What are its advantages?Different comparative tests have shown that these winter tires are much more efficient than summer tires when the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius. They offer better traction and higher grip on wet roads, frost, snow or mud. Where is the key? Specially in a softer and more flexible rubber compound that does not harden below 7 degrees, in the design of the tread with a more trimmed and deep tread pattern and in the use of a lot of lamellae in the cleats for greater adherence To get an idea of their properties, the Tire Manufacturers Commission has put them to the test and ensured that with a winter tire the braking distance in the wet at 80 km / h is six meters less than with a summer tire, while that in snow at 50 km / h the difference is 31 meters.Alternative to snow chainsDrivers who ride winter tires are guaranteed more safety and mobility throughout the winter, no matter how hard it is. It is important to know that legally these tires are allowed as an alternative to chains so the Civil Guard will not be able to find you. Of course, make sure that the tire you buy is marked with the inscription M + S, MS or M & S (‘Mud and Snow’ or ‘Mud and Snow’) and the pictogram with a mountain of three peaks and a snowflake in its interior (3PMSF or Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake ), the latter is the only proof that they have been approved after checking their performance on snow and other winter conditions. In Annex VII of the General Vehicle Regulations, they also specify that these special snow tires “must have a speed capability, equal to or greater than the maximum speed expected for the vehicle, or not less than 160 Km / h if the maximum speed of the vehicle is superior to this one “. Although it is allowed to drive with only two winter tires on the drive axle, it is recommended to mount the four tires to avoid the difference in grip between the shafts, a situation that can cause a spin or understeer. Most workshops offer ‘tire nurseries’ to store your summer tires during the winter season. Ver más en: best ice sports to practice this winterBobsleigh. It is a winter sport that consists of traveling at high speed (135 km / h) on a sled where two to four people go. The competition track is a long slide of ice (from 1,200 to 1,350 meters) that allows the vehicle to slide without obstacles and can move at the will of the inertia and pilots without it getting out of the way. The men dispute two tests: bobs to 2, and bobs to 4, while the women compete in weaves to 2. The sleds with bullet form slide by the ice rink that is in continuous unevenness (from 120 to 130 meters) from the exit to the finish line.Skeleton. It is a discipline very similar to bobsleigh with the difference that in skeleton there is only one pilot and instead of sitting on a sled he lies face down on a sliding plate. The frame is the oldest of the three categories of downhill ice sports (bobsleigh, skeleton, and luge). The rider must wear special shoes to run on the ice rink and try to get the best start that allows him to go down faster than his competitors. There is no type of steering wheel or rudder to face the curves. It carries more risks but is more extreme than none.Luge. The third and last of the downhill sports is the luge (light sled), a sport different from the previous two but that shares characteristics of one and the other. In Luge there is only individual discipline, as in skeleton, and the descent is made on a sled instead of an iron. The pilot uses a rope hooked to the front of the skis to use as a steering wheel, and his position is lying on his back with a slight tilt of the upper body forward to see where he is going or how to take a curve. It would be the traditional sled sport as we all know it but on a competition track.Skating. If you like skating you can always choose three routes: dance, equipment ( hockey) or racing. Of the first and second, it is not necessary to say much more; one is a choreographed dance that presents jumps and turns in the ice and the other a team sport where the players must score more goals than their opponent in a closed field with ice under their feet. On the other hand, the third presents two variants. One is the descent with ice skates, a perilous race where the runners must wear protections against any fall or blow they have when they miss a jump or curve, while the second is a competition that consists of spinning with very tight curves, just like track cycling.Ice Speedway. The speedway is a specialty of motorcycling that takes place on circular ice rinks of 260 and 425 meters in length. The motorcycles used have higher power than a standard bike and lack brakes, shifters and rear shock absorbers. They are incredibly light (70 kilograms minimum regulations) and use methanol as fuel. The little wheels are equipped with 28 mm nails that help the bike grip the ground, allowing pilots to reach speeds above 90 km / h and climb up to 130 km / h on the straights.Curling. It is a sport of precision and equipment, with some similarity to petanque, which is practiced on an ice rink. This sport confronts two teams of four competitors competing with each other by sliding eight granite stones of 20 kilograms each on an ice corridor of 45.5 meters in length and 4.75 meters in width. After the launch, the other members of the team ( sweepers ) equipped with brushes, accompany each stone acting on the surface of the ice to facilitate its advance or vary its direction, but always without touching the sand.Ice Karting. It does not have any mystery, as its name indicates, it is about the karts as we know them today but in ice circuits. The difficulty that incorporates an ice sliding pavement adds more fun to the experience of the karts and can be found in ski resorts better equipped to receive mass tourism. Anyone who is not very good at skiing or snow can always enjoy a day of winter sports without risking their integrity thanks to Ice Karting.About Us:A winter tire offers you more peace of mind, more safety, more benefits and more comfort during winter driving.

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