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The phenomenon of
film-induced tourism can be declared in several different forms.  From the one hand there are those who travel
specifically for this reason, others who visit film or television sets as a
part of an organized tour and those who visit a specific location from a
particular scene (e.g.  The platform 9 ¾ in
King’s Cross London, The Harry Potter films). In many cases the locations have
already been tourist attraction years before the film or the TV series, while
other turned into attractions just because they took part in a film or television
series. It is essential to refer that in many cases after the filming of a
movie the crew has left behind parts of the set. These useless parts easily
turn into a tourism attraction. As good example is the Hobbit film set from ‘Lord
of The Rings’ as well as the ‘Star Wars’ film location where people travel in
Tunisia with the only goal of visiting it. In both cases a place of tourist
interest has been created out of nothing. Most people have already run across a
film location during their trips or vacations without knowing. There are times
when the tour guides point out an area as a film location, surprising the
tourists with this new information. For example someone can visit Bruges just
because it is a beautiful medieval city or just because he/she found cheap
tickets with Ryanair and did not want to lose them but  during the city tour the guide mentions, while
standing on a certain spot, a scene from the film ‘ In Bruges’ with Colin Farrell.

Based on Beeton
(2005), except from the filming location, film induced tourism can also lead to
off-location tourism such as film studio tours, film studio theme parks, film
premieres. In addition to that film induced tourists can visit locations that
have never been a part of a movie. ‘Braveheart’ (1995), supposed to take place
in Scotland since it tells the story of the struggle for Scottish independence,
but most of the scenes were shot in Ireland. For tourists it is a kind of
pleasure knowing that travel through a landscape that has been the filming
location of a certain film/TV series.

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