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The cruelty free makeup industry can be vulnerable to many threats, as the increase of competitors continues to rise. Consumers are more likely to shop brands that are familiar to them, as most are brand loyal and will hardly steer away from what they are used to. Companies that are well-established and have been cruelty free from the beginning, will more than likely triumph on companies which participated in animal testing in the past but are now cruelty free. As Sally Reyes states, “In the past, MAC faced incredible backlash for their animal testing facilities in China. Even though we are now cruelty free, many consumers still hold that against us.” Cruelty free makeup companies such as: Well People, Tarte, BH Cosmetics and Glossier are top competitors within the cruelty free makeup industry. According to PETA, there are more than 1,700 companies identifying themselves as cruelty free which generates approximately $62.46 billion annually (PETA). Since cruelty free makeup companies are  so vastly spread out locally and globally, competition remains the top threat within the cruelty free makeup industry. Additionally, another threat that impacts the cruelty free makeup industry is how the product is produced, including the ingredients used to produce them. Every consumer is different and react differently to products being used on their skin. One consumer can be allergic to an ingredient whereas another is not. It is generally important to test ingredients on all skin types to ensure success of the product and eliminate any possibilities of side effects. According to PETA, the continual advancements of technology has allowed companies to do in depth testing of ingredients by using computer modeling analysis and in Vitro testing. The results from these tests allow companies to filter out hazards and explore alternatives suitable for all skin types. PETA also states, “although more than 1,700 companies have banned all animal tests, some

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