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The effects of Malnutrition can start off in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life, which tend to be the most important to get their nutrition. This period of their life is very critical and the children need to receive the right nutrients and calories to help them grow and develop properly. This is important to know that they not only need to grow physically but mentally as well. Without the proper nutrients that an infant needs to receive, infants cannot reach their physical potential, and they may suffer cognitive and social consequence as well. (Feldman pg. 129)  

Malnutrition rates are much higher in the developing countries, as to the wealthier countries. The biggest thing that is seen from after the first few years of life is that the child has severe stunting especially in Guatemala. ABC New reports that at least 50% of the population is stunted physically. The interesting thing is that it can reach up the 80% in the more rural areas. Malnourished children need to be helped in ways that can get them the proper nutrients such as adequate intake of proteins, like milk and meat as well as calories and other nutrients. Not only is there and effect in the growth of the children it can effect the brain and causing delays in motor and cognitive development. According to the video by Gwen Gowen and Joan Martelli, there are decreased IQ levels, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and impaired school performance.
Although there are many ways the U.S. can help send off the right foods for these rural areas it is just hard for them to get the exact amounts of protein and calories in the child’s diet. There are food being sent from the U.S that help the children go without feeling hungry but these foods aren’t nutritious enough to provide them with proper development. To target the infant nutrition would be to give good education on feeding techniques and getting the proper nutrients to the mother with she is pregnant. Mothers and fathers need to be taught the proper ways to make the food without diluted the nutrients out of the foods and making them useless to eat. 

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Some also may believe that the is no way to reduce poverty in these areas. The economic growth is away that these places can go without being hungry. It can also be a way that these areas make more money. The U.S. can do more farm and local trades that can help these farm growers be able to produce the proper crops without them getting contaminated so that they are able to sell and buy them and eat them for the proper nutrients. Also, open markets should watch the flow of food so that there tends to be no shortage in the foods in these rural areas. 
Malnutrition has such huge impact on the lives of so many young individuals in these rural areas. 

According to chapter 4, these children are mostly undernutrtion, which there is a deficiency in their diets because they are mostly missing out on the proteins, milk and other nutrients that help them grow physically and mentally. (Feldman pg. 130) Although, these consequences are severe and it hurts all these areas of people there are many people out there looking for ways to help and educated these rural areas by expanding the reach through community health workers, educating mothers on making the correct foods and giving back to the local farms to help the crops grow without contamination. 

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