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The story is told from the point of view of the character Nick Carraway during the summer of 1922 right before the Great Depression. Nick is a WWI veteran, who comes from Minnesota, but goes to New York to pursue an occupation of a bond salesman. Nick finds himself renting a small house in a district of Long Island with the name “West Egg”, an area, in which the newly self-made rich people live, not very far from the mansion of the secretive millionaire Jay Gatsby, in which he likes to throw lavish parties. But his background is unknown and not a single person knows how exactly he made his fortune. Later on in the novel, Nick finds out, that Gatsby has a fake identity and his real name is James Gatz, who met Daisy, a pretty rich girl, when he was on a training to become an officer in Louisville. Eventually, they fell in love and Daisy promised Gatsby to wait for him ,but married the wealthy and arrogant Tom instead. Nick also discovers how Gatsby became rich – by the means of criminal activity (bootlegging), as he was determined to do anything, in order to become part of the upper class and win Daisy. Nick differentiates himself from the others living in both West and East Egg – he has a way more grounded and genuine personality. He is also acquainted with some inhabitants of East Egg, the area in Long Island where the established upper class resides. One evening, Nick goes to the other part of Long Island – East Egg to a dinner with his cousin named Daisy Buchanan, her arrogant husband, Tom, and Jordan Baker a legendary golfer, who is a friend of Daisy. Later on, Nick learns more details around Tom and Daisy’s life, that is he has a mistress. As one later finds out, the woman’s name is Myrtle and she and her husband George Wilson are the owners of a modest gas station in an industrial grey area on the way between New York city and West Egg called ” The valley of ashes”. Eventually, Nick gets invited to one of Gatsby’s flashy parties for the fashionable and rich part of the society. There, he and Jordan Baker finally get acquainted with Gatsby. Later through Jordan, Nick learns that Gatsby still loves Daisy and the parties he hosts are just in an effort to impress her. Gatsby then persuades Nick to arrange a secret meeting between himself and his love interest. After a while, Daisy and Gatsby renew their relationship. Not long after that, Tom begins to have suspicions of their relationship and confronts Gatsby while the characters are in a suite at the Plaza hotel.  On the way back, Tom, Nick and Jordan drive together in one car and Gatsby and Daisy in another car. When the former drive through the alley of ashes, they find out that Myrtle, Tom’s mistress has been ran over and killed by a car, which looks like it has been the car of Gatsby. Gatsby later shares with Nick, that it was not him driving the car, but Daisy, although Gatsby is determined to pretend it was him and take responsibility. The next day Tom misleads George telling him, that Gatsby was driving the car, which then results in George finding Gatsby and shooting him. Thus, Nick decides to escape the hollowness and moral decay of the wealthy by going back to the Midwest.(Fitzgerald, 1925)

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