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  The peer
reviewed article that I chose from the CSU online library is titled The
surpluses and shortages in business to business marketing theory and research,
written by Jagdish N. Sheth from Goizueta Business School at Emory University
in Atlanta Georgia and Arum Sharma from the University of Miami School of

  In this
article the authors attempt to explain and review the extant research that is
involved in business to business marketing and suggest directions for future
research. The authors explain the extent of the growth of research in the area
of marketing was very slow up until the early 1980’s, however they go on to
explain that research in business to business marketing has been quite
impressive and ever advancing since that time.

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  This article
goes on to explain the exploration of new areas in the area of business to
business marketing and they aid in this process by identifying shortages as
well as surpluses in business to business market research. The authors main
point seems to be that they have plenty of research that utilizes decision
making frameworks in an effort to understand how it is that organizations make
their buying decisions as well as how to sell to these businesses. The authors
go on further to explain that additional research that is necessary would be to
explore how certain individuals within an organization come to and make their
buying decisions, as well as how to sell to those people and make them a
champion or advocate for the company.



the authors in this article the authors reviewed research on managerial issues
that utilize empirical research methods. Empirical research is based on
observed and measured phenomena and it derives knowledge from actual experiences
rather than that of belief or theory. The authors explain that what is needed
is programmatic research that is able to utilize very large databases that are
similar to the profit impact of marketing strategy (PIMS) as well as Compustat.

  The authors
relay in their message that the reasoning for identifying new areas of research
is in an effort to encourage future generations of researchers to show an appreciation
for the opportunities offered by business to business marketing as it pertains
to academic research.

  This article
contributes to the contemporary thinking about research because it covers
different areas of research techniques and how they are used in the business to
business arena with a focus on marketing research. The article shows the
importance of research in the business world because it shows a strong focus on
the discipline of business to business marketing and how it has evolved over
the past three decades. Through research methods the authors were able to explain
how business to business marketing has seen extraordinary growth in part that
it has borrowed concepts from the behavioral and quantitative sciences as well
as being able to broaden its horizons from traditional marketing to the
marketing of business services. The article continues to speak of research
expansion as it applies to business to business marketing and how research reexaminations
of the discipline contribute to identifying surpluses and shortages in the



  One of the
objectives of this article seems to be to not only educate on the importance of
research in this field but also to identify neglected and under researched
areas in an effort to advance business to business marketing discipline.

  I can relate
to this paper as I am currently a regional manager in my current role. It is my
job to leverage partnerships between our business and other business and non
profit partners and this article motivated me to initiate my own research in
the methods that I use in the business to business marketing area.

  In my opinion
I believe the authors did a great job at explaining the different types of
research as it pertains to business to business marketing and provided enough
information to keep the reader interested in this area. The article was divided
into four sections that covered reviews of business to business marketing,
identified areas that had previously been the focus of business to business
marketing, the purpose of research in business to business marketing and a
summary of the different types of research involved. 

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