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demands on efficiency and effectiveness in the public sector have risen over
the past few years, which have resulted the need for strategies on how the
public sector can be improved (Denhardt and Denhardt, 2000). The pressure to
improve public service performance has brought about many opinions from
industrialists, management consultants and policy makers for the transfer of
industrial practices into public sector (Radnor et al 2012, Radnor and Walley 2008). Currently, the
assessment on the application of such methodologies in the public sector showed
that 51% of publications centered on Lean, a further 13% on Business
Reengineering, and 35% their use in health services (Radnor et al 2012).


the effectiveness of qualitative research is heavily based on the skills and
abilities of researchers, while the outcomes may not be perceived as reliable,
because they mostly come from researcher’s personal judgments and
interpretations. Because it is more appropriate for small samples, it is also
risky for the results of qualitative research to be perceived as reflecting the
opinions of a wider population (Bell, 2005).

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The new change that has
come up is ‘Transformational’ and it is very complicated and common happening
in organization. Almost all of the change-related problems difficulties
confronting leaders of late are as a result of transformational change not
being understood and therefore given rise to the field of “Change Management” (Anderson
and Anderson 2010).The successful management of change is fundamental to
overcome the recent highly competitive and continuously evolving global
environment (Todnem, 2005). Change
management can support a varieties of change projects, including the
implementation of a new process, new systems, updated structures, or technology
in the establishment of a new working culture or set of values in any
particular area (Burnes, 2004).

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