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The key indicators in the processing of cocoa are the post-harvest treatments which result in final cocoa and chocolate products. These treatments include all the primary processes of harvested cocoa pods before the final dried bean is obtained. The processes involve opening the pods to extract the beans, fermentation and finally drying (Kongor et al., 2016). Fermentation and drying are usually carried out on the farm and they play a critical role in the formation of flavour precursors (Fowler, 2009). Fermentation
Fermentation is a key stage in the processing of cocoa beans that result in the formation and development of flavour precursors such as amino acids and reducing sugars (Afoakwa, 2010; Afoakwa et al., 2008; Nair Prabhakaran, 2010). Fermentation is also responsible for the development of the chocolate brown colour (Beckett, 2008) and reduction in bitterness and astringency (Afoakwa et al., 2008). Proper and correct fermentation is essential for producing a good flavour in the final chocolate, as well as to ensure that the bean is killed, thus avoiding germination and alteration of the beans (Gutierrez, 2017; Beckett, 2008).

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