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“The banquet hall will come to order. We are now holding a meeting of the Fremont FFA chapter.” Since attending an FFA ceremony as a child, these are the words I have dreamed of saying. Being the President, leading and helping others in the Chapter is an accomplishment every farm kid dreams of.Being raised on a farm teaches me that I can learn many lessons from every animal. Since fourth grade I have been involved in FFA and 4-H. I have showed steers, pigs, and sheep. With ownership of animals, I have learned that through my own mistakes and hard work, I can either succeed or fail. It is truly up to me. Animals are more than creatures that are there for our pleasure. We can learn from them and they can learn from us. Like the way we can learn to be diligent from spiders. It doesn’t matter how many times we tear down their webs they will build a new one. Or learning to love unconditionally from dogs. With all of the extreme circumstances they are put into a dog will always be man’s best friend. The leadership skills I have learned in 4-H and FFA have influenced my entire life. It isn’t just about helping the people in your class, it is also showing an example which they can follow. I have met people from all over Utah at state fairs and banquets in association with FFA and 4-H. There has been successful people with whom I have been able to relate in dreams and goals for the future. Those people have taught me how to be successful, and how to achieve my goals. It has also taught me public speaking skills that I would not have learned had I not been in FFA. I am no longer scared to talk in front of people and I can express what I want to say in a clear professional fashion. FFA isn’t only about livestock, but that was a huge part of it for me. Showing animals has made me into the loving person that I am today. Continually in my life I have had so many animals’ lives under may care. They have depended one hundred percent on me for everything that they need. By feeding and constantly nourishing them I have learned to pick up on the signs they show when they need help.Participating in these clubs has changed my life. It taught me the importance of caring for the little things, as well as the big things. I have learned money management seeing that livestock is not a cheap activity. I would invite everyone to join these clubs so that they can learn the amazing skills that I have learned. “I now declare this meeting adjourned.”

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