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The need for criminal justice professionals in today’s society and as individuals is at one of it’s highest peaks. Without the brave hearted individuals that serve and protect our community, our society nor the individuals in it would flow properly. Professionals in the justice system are a number one key factor to keep society on the right track. Society has a need for professionals in the justice system in order to keep it growing and maintaining peace within a community .
Today’s criminal justice professionals are critical to society in order to enforce everyday laws that have been set to keep things running the way it should. Police officers are essential to society because they are the ones who enforce the law. Generally speaking, the main job of a police officer is to serve and protect, in which they are the first responders to be called to most scenes. They also take the crime off the street which in the long run benefits society greatly by keeping our kids safe. Tickets and arrests are made to those who break the laws set in the community.

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