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The  movie K’na the Dreamweaver is absolutely amazing ,because the story flows like water because it is smooth.There are many part in the movie that i  like the first scene when K’na mother ordered K’na to be a Weaver , I think why is the movie name is k’ na the dream weaver because of her mother dream to let her become a Dreamweaver .

In  this story we can know how north and south tribe fight in order to win ,in the movie the language they used here is Tiboli and we can learn many historical fact about the tiboli.i love the part in the movie wehn silaw was courting K’na everday but in the end Silaw never had a chance to marry Silaw because K’na s father is looking after her.He wants K’na to marry the price of the north tribe because k’na s father wants peace between north and south tribe.we can  learn many history in this movie like you should marry the other tribe so your tribe and the other tribe won’t have a war.i think that silaw is good for K’na because you can see in the movie how effort is silaw towards K’na . We all do know that Silaw is very sweet on K’na .K’na is a good girl but she was forced by her father to marry the prince of the north to stop the war between north and the south tribes.I understand the father decision but he should think about her daughter if she accept the prince of the north to be his husband every girl has the right to speak and the father should listen to them . Because girl can make descision what is good for them . But lets go to the father side perspective  he should respect his daughter desicion if she will marry the prince of the north or not . Even there is a war between north and south tribe, the only role of the father in the story is to protect the girl from war and respect her decision wether she will do it or not , if she did not accept it so do not force the girl to marry the boy she does not lik because it can destroy her life as a wife ,  She cannot do anything because his father forced her to do it .

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Every person has their own freedom but sometimes our parents choose to control us and take away our freedom .

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