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The objective any healthcare organization is to provide high-quality healthcare for persons with special health care needs. The healthcare organization must carry out research and evaluate its systems; it must employ effective communication strategies to provide high-quality care for patients. Establishing a social media strategy is of great significance to any healthcare organization. Social media is changing how healthcare organizations perform business. Today, the majority of patients are going online to discuss their health issues and conduct some research about some ailments (Ashley & Tuten, 2015). It has become necessary for healthcare organizations and professionals to connect with connecting with the social web and get into the conversation to allow patients find solutions to their healthcare problems.
Many healthcare organizations are using social media sites to reach patients and post important information concerning specific health issues. Arroyo Fresco should not be left out in this new development in the healthcare system. The recommendation for the future of the healthcare is to enhance performance measures in line with the federal programs and Medicare (Arroyo, 2006). Performance evaluation is necessary since it will allow AF to identify areas that require improvement or adjustments to allow it remain efficient in the long-run. AF should ensure that quality measures are implemented in the right manner to fit in the future of the healthcare sector. In this way, social media strategy will prove valuable for the success of the company since it has turned to be one of the revenue generating programs in the healthcare sector. It allows healthcare organizations to connect with patients in real time and provide helpful information that is necessary for solving their healthcare problems.
Majority of the people in Arizona can access social media. Besides, the political leadership is willing to assist healthcare organizations to enable them to reach as many patients as possible (Arroyo, 2006). In this case, through the government support, AF will able to provide useful information to the online community and get immediate feedback about the healthcare information that they intend to share on their social media sites. Social media will also support other innovative programs that are intended to improve the quality of healthcare (Ashley & Tuten, 2015). Social media will make financing of other innovative programs easy since the healthcare facility will be able to gauge public opinion concerning the need for other innovative technology in the healthcare sector.
How to use Social Media Effectively
Social media covers a variety of site. The first thing that (Arroyo Fresco AF) should consider is developing social etiquette. Proper etiquette on the social media will prove that the organization is aware of the target audience. Arroyo Fresco must understand how the audience communicates and develop strategies that would prove helpful to the community. Arroyo Fresco should learn about the 3Rs of social etiquette to allow it implements the social media strategy effectively. The 3Rs strategy includes reciprocation, respect, and reliability. These are the first steps in implementing the strategy. AF should learn to listen carefully and respond quickly by providing helpful information to allow it gain trust among the public. Besides, it should be reliable at all times on all the social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ among others to answer questions and deal with the challenges of the patients. AF should be willing to share information on its social media platforms to promote itself among the users.
AF should join conversations and provide information that would contribute to the health and wellness. The managers of the social media pages should always say hello when they join the conversations to keep it going. AF should let people know when it intends to go offline and thank the users for sharing their information. Additionally, AF should share their hours of operation to let the online community know when they are online. AF should also consider the diverse breeds that it connects with. Not everybody that you interact with in the online platform is like-minded; it should provide information that is beneficial to all the users (Ashley & Tuten, 2015).
In some cases, telling the wrong story on social media can be disastrous. This is an aspect that AF should be well conversant with. In this way, it should consider the 3Ds of social media implementation strategies which include discrimination, disclosure, and defamation. AF should never disclose secretes concerning intellectual property and other trade secrets that the business relies upon (Ashley & Tuten, 2015). If such information is shared, the business can lose a lot to the competitors. Besides, AF should not engage in defamation or spread false information that can result in litigation through its social media platforms since this can cost the company. Furthermore, discrimination can ruin the reputation of the company. A single tweet or Facebook post can damage the reputation of the company beyond retrieval.AF should consider using the social media platforms responsibly to develop a strong brand.
Social Media Sites
Some of the social media sites that AF can consider include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, and blogging. AF can use the sites in the following ways:
Facebook is the most popular social media platform. AF can use Facebook effectively to reach more patients and provide helpful information. AF should post pictures, messages, and videos that are useful to the online community. AF should choose Facebook applications that portray its image positively to the online community.
AF should consider using its actual name and a profile photo that shows the online community about the services that it offers. AF should build its bio comprehensively to build more network and gain a massive following. AF should consider treating Twitter conversations like real messages. It should take some time to listen to what the online community is discussing before joining the conversation. In this way, it will be able to understand the particular messages that it should share with the online community. This strategy will allow AF to become effective and useful to the online community.
This a professional site where the firm can share its expertise and specialty areas to the online community. It is helpful in building connections and getting to learn about what the competitors provide. LinkedIn provides a platform where health organizations can share their goals and abilities. As such, it is a suitable platform that will allow AF to reach people who have professional connections. It also provides a platform where AF can share its expertise to allow it gain more clients.
Blogging provides healthcare organizations with the opportunity to share particular information concerning their area of expertise or to create awareness concerning a specific health issue. Blogging is an important interaction site where you can interact with the online community by following their comments on your blog. Blogging can help AF to reach patients with special needs who are in need of specialized healthcare. Besides, it is an important site where it can interact with well-wishers which can help the AF to overcome its financial challenges.
Training the Staff for Social Media
Social media is a new business platform which majority of the people in the healthcare industry are not well-conversant with. It is necessary to keep the staff aware of the functions of the social media to enhance how they can engage patients with special needs. In healthcare organizations, there are staffs, who are savvy technologists, digital newbie, reluctant users and digital contrarian. AF should consider employees who require social media training and the social media channels that they are expected to use (Arroyo, 2006). AF should train the employees on how they can professionally use social media to deliver messages that are helpful to the online community. AF should get to know the staffs that are enthusiastic about social media; they can help in training other teams to let everybody be at par with social media issues. AF should develop a cross-functional social media training team. The team should be charged with the responsibility of coordinating employees, course and providing feedback that is helpful in facilitating the training (Arroyo, 2006). The team should set clear training goals that are consistent with the goals and objectives of the healthcare system. The goals should be achievable and measurable. The team should be involved in tactical and conceptual training to ensure that all employees are conversant with the available social media sites that the AF intends to use. Developing a successful team can be expensive and time-consuming. However, it turns out to be dependable and strong. This can help the healthcare organization to implement effective social strategies which are useful for future success. The social media training team should develop a monitoring team that oversees how the healthcare organization shares its information and engage patients in the available social media sites.
Financing of the Social Media
FA is faced with a myriad of challenges including financing. One of the primary roles that social media will help with is to help in sourcing the funds to improve the services that the organizations provide to patients. It is the responsibility of the organization to allow patients to realize value for the money that they pay in receiving the services (Arroyo, 2006). Some of the sources of funds that AF can rely upon to fund the social media strategy include government funding, donations, private insurance, taxation, and personal contributions. AF can work with non-governmental organizations to generate more finances to support its social media strategy. Financing the social media strategy will add more value to the firm since it will have the opportunity to reach more patients with special needs.
The management of FA can approach some of the non-governmental organizations that provide financial assistance to healthcare organizations for funds to finance the social media strategy. Besides, AF can receive donations from well-wishers to fund the programs (Arroyo, 2006). The government also plays a critical role in financing healthcare programs. In this case, it can help AF in a great deal. Financing of the social media strategy is necessary since it will allow the AF to overcome some of the challenges that it is currently facing.
Financing Revenue and Expenses
It is necessary to estimate potential revenue for each target market as well as potential expenses that require necessary action. AF can estimate potential revenue for each patient and anticipate how much revenue it is likely to generate after a particular period. Social media strategy is not considered as an expensive venture and AF can easily anticipate the average patients that they are like to serve. In this case, it would be aware of the revenue that it can generate monthly or annually to fund the strategy.
Cost-benefit analysis of the social media strategy is helpful in determining the expenses that are not part of the normal operating expenses. AF should develop a list of assumptions on expenses that are related to how it tends to implement the new strategy. The list of assumptions will allow AF to determine huge expenses that can derail the implementation of the new strategy.
Social media strategy can be financed in different ways. AF can advertise its desired objectives and the services it intends to offer. This will allow it reach a vast majority of the online community. The online community can provide grants and donations that can support course of the project. On the other hand, it can reach out to government and non-governmental organizations for aid to fund the strategy to allow it expand its services to the people of Arizona.

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