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 The notion
regarding good governance performed a prominent advisor in 1990 via the World Bank inspiration, namely a condition because lending after
developing countries.1  In the beginning, the thinking was alternatively
and focused exceptionally over improving the multiplication
over community zone, out of the mid-1990s donors fulfill broad the notion over proper rule by
incorporating essential elements such as
transparency, liability or sharing.2  The concept of good governance of is
increasing importance, as it used by international organizations to ensure
reasonable conformity to high standards in states that participates in the
global trading governance and others international activities. The term good
governance, at least as a reference to a more or less specifically defined set
of ideas and policies originated in 1989 World Bank document entitled sub-Saharan
Africa from crisis to sustainable growth.3
From the context of this seminal document, the notion of good governance was
strongly associated with the types of structural adjustment policies that the
World Bank has been advocating for many years, reduce state intervention in
economic decision making, reduce public sectors and more efficient and
transparent public sector administration, free markets and elimination of
unnecessary public subsidies and increased integration with the world economy
Good governance, conceived here as a system of administration that is
democratic, efficient, development oriented.

the concept of good governance being explore at three separate interacting
levels. The first is the national level, which covers all of the standards
elements of a political, economic and administrative nature. The second is the
global level, which encompasses all of those elements introduced by the process
of globalization, including the regulation of global public good and stability
in capital flows. The third is the corporate level.5 

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though the notion of good governance is the World Bank, it becomes the major
buzzwords in aid policy and development thinking.6
Since good governance globally accepted as a crucial means to achieve both
development and poverty reduction starting from 2000 as shown by the world
leaders adoption of the United Nations millennium declaration, it has no single
universal definition.7
Whereas the definitions differed somewhat for each of the institutions and
countries promoting good governance, it had clearly to do with the use of
control authority and power.

 The UNDP defines
good governance is set out in a 1997 UNDP policy document entitled “Governance
for Sustainable Human Development. The document states that governance can be
seen as the exercise of economic, political and administrative authority to
manage a country’s affairs at all levels.”8
According to the UNDP Good, governance comprises the existence of effective
mechanisms, processes and institutions through which citizens and groups
articulate their interests, exercise their legal rights, meet their obligations
and mediate their differences.9

The other interesting definition, which is given for good governance on
the Report of the Commission on Global Governance “Our Global Neighborhood”

 “A normative
conception of the values according to which the act of governance is realized,
and the method by which groups of social actors interact in a certain social
Here good governance implies the rule of law maintained through the
impartiality and effectiveness of the legal system as well as everyone having a
role in the process of decision-making.

To sum up the concept of good governance emerged mainly because of bad
governance characterized by corruption, unaccountable governments and lack of
respect for human rights. Good governance is about the process for making and
implementing decisions. It is not about making the correct decision, but about
the best possible process for making the decisions good.

Good governance is, therefore, the governance that adhere the following

It is participatory by allowing the
masses to be part of the decision making process.

It is consensus oriented as it seeks
for broad consensus in society rather than permitting minority views to
override all other views.

It accountable for leadership at
national or local government level as well as in the private and public spheres
will have to answer to the masses at some point in time.

It is transparent in those decisions
taken and enforced in a manner that conforms to the rules and regulations of a
given community.

Poverty reduction and good governance. Report of the committee for development
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