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focus of this research is to insvestigate the implementation of the Information
Technology Infrastructure Library. The main purpose of this research paper is
to provide comprehensive information to the readers about the implementation
purposes of the ITIL. Furthermore, this research paper also present an in depth
insight about the advantage to investigate the functional implementation of
ITIL along with its impact. Moreover, the study will also explain the
implementation of ITIL in the real life situation. The implementations of the
ITIL remove the dependency on the theorization while improving the service
level. The data used in the research paper is collected from the survey of the
companies in the Nordic region.


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The usage
of information technology infrastructure library is rapidly increasing throughout
the world. The ITIL enables the organizations to improve the quality or service
and production efficiency along with reducing the Cost of IT. ITIL is framework
that is consists of ten interlock processes of service support and delivery.  However there is lots of concern associated
with its implementation. Organization might have to face resistance from the employees
in order to implement the ITIL. Organizational workforces are not familiar with
the ITIL therefore they resist the change. Moreover, the competency of IT
staffs is also very important for implementing the ITIL in the organization
because the success and failure of this system highly depends upon them (McNaughton,

The implementation of ITIL is a
very critical yet effective process; it required significant efforts and
competencies to make it a success. In the implementation process of ITIL
various different models are involved along with the model itself. Software
tools are more significant in this regard which is used to keep the track of
all the cases handled by different processes. This software’s are also used for
the process of logging which assists in keeping tracks. Moreover, software’s are
used as major storage database which stores the critical information such as
company’s assets.

Software tools are based the
programmed modules and the ITIL process assigned only one module for efficiency
and record keeping. However, the softwares used in the ITIL process are divided
in to three categories:




This classification of the software
is based on the height of their compliance level to the need and factions of
ITIL. 42 softwares were licensed in the year 2012 to be used in the world of
information technology. Howare, all the companies are based on the open
software therefore these companies are on a rise to develop personal soft wares (Kadre, 2011).


·      Investigate
the implementation of the
ITIL software status in the information technology department.

·      Investigate the maturity level of the cases
analyzed in various processes.

·      At which extent the ITIL’s software tools
are applied in organizations.

·      Evaluation of different firms and
companies that how they find the applicability and usefulness of the software

·      Find out the positive relationship
between the software quality and project quality along with the achieved level
of implementation.

Implementation of the ITIL
software has lots of benefits associated with its use but only if the project
is handled with great care. Moreover the people and researchers involves in
this process should be respected.


The research question involves
two hypotheses which are as following:

If the quality of the
software increased the quality of the project its implementation will also

The increase in the
project’s worth is directly relative to the execution level.


The data used in the following
reaearch is gathered form the survey conducted with the employees of the different
companies located in the Nordic region. The most important fact of this
research is that lots of factors are associated with its benefits. The factors
involved in this research are as following:

Very few researches are
avalibles about the references models which invovoes the implementation of ITIL
and the resaons of ist uneffectiveness in the firms.

Perhaps there is no
empirical research can be found about the effects of software tools in the  ITLL.

Most imperical
researches are limited to specific regions specially Australlia and United States.

Therefore the research is conducted in the Nordic region which includes
different countires including :Norway, Finland, Sewden and Denmark. In this way
the regional limitations will be broaden.

The data involved in this
research is collected from a biannual survey. However, the information of the participents
of the Nordic region was kept anonymous. The survey was conducted to gather the
information about the organizations using the ITIL porcess to manage the IT
services. Moreover, National ITSMF’ one member was also allowed to participate
in the survey. 950 invitation were done in the year 2012 however, only 160
responses were got in return.  In this
survey 58% organizations were participared  from the private sector and the remaining 42%
organizations wered belonged to the public sector. The results of the survey
shows that the large organizations which consists of around 2000 members and
300 out of them are working in the IT department.  It means that 25% employees of the
organizations are consist of IT workers (Ahmad, 2013).




The organizational process that
invoves in the implementation of the ITIL includes:

ü  Service

ü  Service

ü  Service

ü  Service

The effectiveness of the ITIL
implementation depends upong the above mentioned organizational processes. In
this process, for the improvement of the services as well as for the various
process understading, great help receivbed from the book named “Implementation
of services”. Following this, to evaluate the effectiveness of he ITIL
servides, before the complete implementation, it was decided to implement for a
small period. Moreover, the performance of ITIL system is evaluated after
implementing it for a small time and on the base of the evaluation, the
required modifications are made and then they are implemented by addressing its

Service design

The service design is based on the available
resources as well as it address the objectives of the organization from the
integrated IT system. Moreover, in the service desing, the realationship of the
organization and suppliers are focused along with the management of catalogue
service (Cannon, 2011).

the following table the service delivery process can be seen that give a look
of the process of service from 2001that also reflects the time required to
completely implement 

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